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  1. I'm talking about the HZD PC port rumor. If you don't believe me, just go to that guy's YouTube's page. You will know for yourself. He does this thing all the time. He predicted Hellblade 0(prequel) and Hellblade 2 reveal for E3 '19. Didn't happen. He also predicted that Rocksteady was making the next Batman game and that also was confirmed bullshit when WB Montreal revealed themselves as the developer for the next Batman game. The only thing this guy got it right recently was the Death Stranding PC port. But, almost half the internet predicted that. LoL!
  2. The Russian guy who started this rumor also said Nintendo is porting BOTW to PC. So, this rumor is nothing but a complete bullshit.
  3. I hope they sell the Ellie Edition in India as well. TLOU is my favorite of all time. I wanna buy the most expensive edition for this game.
  4. They really don't need to though. Their blockbuster single player exclusives sell very well already. They already have 5 10 million+ sellers this gen with Death Stranding, GoT and TLOU2 yet to release. They don't exactly need PC. And if Sony start to take PC seriously, I think they would start their own storefront.
  5. Hope you are not expecting to play the next God of War or Spider-man on PC. He's most likely talking about games like Dreams. Sony's never going to release their blockbuster games on PC at least not for the next gen.
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