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  1. @Rosh unable to PM you. Let me know when can we play our Round 3
  2. @Keano Just a suggestion, if tomorrow is last day for round 1-2 and few users are still not responding, why not replace them with people who showed interest after the registration was closed.. than giving a walk over..😊
  3. sh*t! Who zipped the suitcase?? Where can I order poison
  4. upload images I go through this torture while having dinner! I keep giggling while my mom gives me stares!!
  5. Hey its called "Bose TV Speaker" there is no model number as such. I paid 27K. I know this can lead to a wave of controversial arguments (from BOSE haters).. hahaha But i love the brand and have used many of their products in past which never disappointed me. Price - yes i agree is a bit higher considering the lack of extra BASS.
  6. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Damn - Lex Luger - Nostalgic
  7. Hmmm, yeah at times the most primitive ways are the best. I still remember getting thrashed by teachers in school, for drawing on the last pages of note books
  8. WOW!! Need to explore the digital drawing thing, i dont know much of it, but would love to try. Brilliant work
  9. Barcelona is going to revamp the entire team.. will be interesting to see the new team in near future
  10. Guys..Let's try capturing video next time
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