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  1. Ya Moved to Canada, first day of snowfall and the game arrives.
  2. Oh Bouyyy!! Thanks @Assassins Creed for pre-order
  3. Been away from gaming for couple of months. But good to be back chota sa purchase
  4. Gameloot : pre-owned It's mint AF. Didn't expect the condition to be this good, considering the color. @Assassins Creed thanks for suggestion
  5. FINALLY!! PLAT #9 - The one closest to my heart. This had to be done Took few screenshots while nailing the bosses.
  6. I am in.. let me know, I'll keep my Katana ready
  7. Few Screens from the IKI island Don't miss the supercool armours!! Yharnam Vestments Armour Of The Colossus Ghost of Sparta Armour
  8. Bruno gets a hat-trick in first game of the season
  9. I guess I know who the guy is, not that I follow him, but i can spot a looser merely by voice.. Same guy who had a funny video on Pakistani Roadies ?
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