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  1. NeoZ


    @adity Remember the next boss area even if you defeat her.
  2. NeoZ

    Overwatch (Blizzard)

    the tank is annoying / harassing type like Genji, Tracer, and Sombra. his movement speed on the ground is really good.
  3. NeoZ


    if you meant yuki-onna and nobunaga , its not a dlc mission, after you finish the main campagin, you unlock two side missions, 1st side mission is tachibana and honda -2 v 1 2nd side mission is the fight i played - 2v1
  4. NeoZ


    For me , this is one of the best boss fight in this game
  5. NeoZ


    ya, using sloth talismans and spamming amirta by putting it in the quick slot, gives you enough super mode to deal with the bosses.
  6. NeoZ


    definitely, I still remember the time when people cheese the dual boss fights especially Nobunaga and Yuki-onna, Everyone was using the Amrita cheese and i actually pulled it of legit, i still have the video i think
  7. NeoZ


    Tachibana is really a good boss fight. Near the end of the game, there will another side mission where you will face Tachibana with one more boss in the same area , no shrines or anything, 2 vs 1 rampage
  8. NeoZ


    The game is really good and there are alot of OP builds in this, check out this video
  9. NeoZ

    Devil May Cry 5

    when the enitre squad is online. ( Skip to 28:00)
  10. Yes, i am playing it , have full knowledge and platinum trophy, if you need help anything feel free to ask. Note: Not doing NG stuff since i began the game again and only level 90, also no dlc
  11. NeoZ


    if anyone wants help/coop add me PSn NeoZ#21626
  12. NeoZ


    i dont use the saw spear or any saw weapons after gascoigne but thats just my preference. the reason people have mixed thoughts about kirkhammer is because of the play style. it is a TOP-tier weapon much powerful than any beginning weps except hunters axe but does stuns mobs and bosses alot and when you use it you will see the attack is actually slow even when its only on normal/sword mode and much slower when its transformed to a hammer. so when people use these weapons after one slash the enemy might hit you before you hit the 2nd slash and it consumes more stamina with each swing in hammer form. Howerver , the damage it does to a mob or even a executioner mob is amazing. if you like fast weapons stick with saw. check out the kirkhammer moveset and see for your self. here is a tip, when facing the cleric beast , dont stay far from him as he will leap alot, stick little close to him and rotate around him in a circle when he swings dodge faster and you counter attack. i never damage the beast on my own , just wait for him to attack and then you go hit him, btw He is very weak to fire so if you have that molotov cocktail so throw that at him.
  13. NeoZ


    not just for coop, you will see some of bloodborne world differently. you said you just finished gascoigne, i guesst you got blood gem slot tool by now, these help you to slot a blood gem into your weapons to make them powerful, you can obtain a blood gem from enemies, also having more insight increases the drop rate of blood gems ( many dont know this). i just defeated 3 bosses but by having 70 Insight i have very powerful gems in my inventory.
  14. NeoZ


    Yes you can but what i would suggest you is do this method, to have more blood echoes to level up, kill all the enemies till the cleric beast and then avoid fighting him, progress through the game till the 2nd boss( explore the CB area thorough) by then you would have unlocked all shortcuts in the central Yharnam ( starting area) and would have more blood echoes including hunters mark looting from enemies or corpses( this mark will help you to escape a boss with your blood echoes so you can return to the messengers dream to level up), and then go face the cleric beast. by doing this you gain enough level to defeat the cleric beast, you will know your ways in the starting area and can immediatly proceed to the 2nd boss. this is my suggestion tho
  15. NeoZ


    Nope, i am serious, you can actually skip this boss, however by defeating him you get -An Insight - Lamp with the checkpoint - Blood Echoes and -Sword hunter badge Blood echoes for leveling up your character and Sword hunter badge unlocks the kirkhammer weapon to be purchasable in the messengers shop. its a wonderful weapon which alone can even take you to end game. thats why many players want to defeat cleric beast you can actually go to the next boss which is a must encounter and avoid the cleric beast, but if you dont have experience in viseral attacks then this fight is very hard, even harder than cleric beast. :
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