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  1. Why wait, just get the Xbox sx now when you can still do the Game Pass deal. You can then write a love letter to Sony & explain how Pandemic times made you buy the Devil's console the XBOX.
  2. When will you get tired of defending your mothership bro? i mean seriously, mother of god just get both consoles
  3. anyone here using the Seagate Expansion Card for their X/S? Thanks.
  4. How could he? his job is to stop people getting into the Devil's (Microsoft) plot
  5. Does anyone have the Seagate Storage Expansion Card here for their Series X? so the best place to buy it is from amazon itself? Thanks.
  6. Instead of doing R&D on these tricks, why are you wasting your time & not enjoying this service for the next 3 years at least? After 3 years will you still be gaming? will you still be working for the same company or doing the same business? man you seriously have a lot of time to do R&D about these tricks & no time to play video games lol.
  7. +1 He should be out for good, nothing but a troll..
  8. Seriously you had a lot of time to do this analysis all these years? Are you into gaming as a business or a hobby?
  9. Yeah, this surprised me as well, probably later on? who knows.
  10. Oh man, as i mentioned earlier many times, you can buy BOTH consoles (PS5 & Xbox S X) Why do you come & troll here always? Let's stick to the Xbox topic, where are the Mods?
  11. Agree, Nintendo is the most common gaming platform which parents buy for their kids in the US & Europe. Kids don't care about 4k HDR & Dolby Atmos stuff. Nintendo has this huge part of the Market share & will always dominate there till mobile phones start to dominate portable gaming.
  12. you will be giving your money to the Evil Company according to you Joking, you got your PS5?
  13. u getting a real PS5 or imaginary one & will play this game on youtube?
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