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  1. Wait till u encounter stalkers.
  2. You can also try from https://shopatsc.com/collections/playstation-accessories this is Sony Indias official site. They will deliver from your nearest sony center. But they won’t have discounts which local stores might offer.
  3. We can’t. it was trending on twitter Kejriwal is the best CM. He made delhi better. Only delhi has decrease in percentage of cases across india. Where as every state is exp new highs. Etc etc. so in short. No Delhi will never see a lockdown again. with festive season coming up i hope people stay safe.
  4. Yea, i wish i could get a refund.
  5. Nathan.Drake

    AO Tennis 2

    Its available on psn india for ₹1274 in sale. early impressions: Not liking it at all after playing tennis world tour. playing at veteran difficulty and it is impossible to score any points. Graphics look really dated for a game that released this year. Top spin 4 still looks better imo. Overall looks like career mode has some potential. But Still not able to get my head around the gameplay. Maybe lowering the difficulty might help.
  6. It was irritating at times but not that bad. Played 30+ hours on switch with all the latest patches. Now bought ao tennis 2 and cant get my head around it. It feels so difficult and stupid at the same time. btw tennis world tour is ₹374 on psn currently. Its worth it at that price.
  7. #13thkitayari is trending on twitter with all Banners asking to stock Up maggi,pepsi,brookebond,etc Is this about another lockdown? Or is it some shitty marketing campaign.
  8. Just completed the game. And felt so bad for ellie. She lost everything and didn't even get her revenge. A coming of age game from a 17 year olds perspective. This fits perfectly for the game. She Lost 1. Joel 2. Jesse 3. Tommy 4. Dina 5. Dina's baby 6. Her Fingers and ability to play guitar which Joel taught her. 7. Probably Jackson too if she did not return. What she Gained. 1. Started respecting relationships.
  9. I have never fired so many bullets in the wall ever.
  10. I am at _____ 24 hours in. How much is left?
  11. Is there any other single player linear non open world game which is this long? I don’t recall any that i have played atleast.
  12. Do also try Gran Turismo Sport soundtrack by Lenny Ibizarre. Its more of soothing though.
  13. I was just taking a stroll in the evening when i heard someone whistle a couple of times. I almost ran to look for a cover 🤓. Man the game is super intense and more atmospheric than the first one & at times i feel i am there experiencing it first hand. The game looks beautiful, don’t know if it is just me but i did not see any drop in the graphics when transitioning from a cutscene to gameplay. A couple of times i felt it is dragging with no progression in the story. But everything that followed such instances was worth waiting for. I am genuinely having sleepless nights due to the game. it is far more scary thn the first one. I generally play at night after everyone is asleep with lights off and headphones. But this makes me sh*t in my pants even in broad daylight. With last of us 2 i just shut down my console when everyone is off to bed cant take anymore jump scares at night 😬
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