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  1. Bahot puch lia us se bhi. Prann leke baitha hai ke nahi batayega
  2. Its been almost a year now, can my secret santa reveal himself please
  3. Going for Samsung qled q70c 55” for 64k after discounts. It does have VRR 🤘🏻
  4. This tv will be in the living room and it will most likely not be treated too well thus avoiding oled. also was targeting 65” if i can for reasonable amount. Primarily it will used by family to watch OTT and occasional gaming. might just give up on vrr, as i cant find any 65” with vrr for less than 1.2L. (Can stretch my budget Max till 1L) is it worth considering hisense u7k, heard good things about it from a friemd? Or any other chinese brand.
  5. Getting Sony X82L 65” for 86k worth it? will be used for OTT and occasional gaming sessions on ps5 ps: it lacks VRR also please suggest some decent soundbars, max upto 15-17k are samsung b55/sony hts400 good?
  6. Opening sequence is bomb. Additional points for the soundtrack. no game breaking bugs yet, saw miles floating on the roof once and a stutter here and there. Completed 3/4 chapters on spectacular difficulty and didn’t find it challenging enough.
  7. Meanwhile #selfish is trending on twitter
  8. Game shipped for anybody yet? if yes where did you pre order from?
  9. This thread is slowly becoming like friends/family whatsapp groups where only 2-3 people are actively talking to each other and remaining directly scroll down to the bottom to clear unread messages notifications.
  10. Why not go for iphone 14, it’s 57k on fk Shoukd come down to 52-53k with card offers.
  11. Once 15’s are out apple will cease the production of 14 Pro’s, so don’t think they will get usb c type. You will never see 2 gen of Pro’s being available at one given time. You might only see left over stock being sold on fk/amz. from earlier trends, last years pro versions generally go upto 80-90k plus additional exchange discount. But i feel this is being too optimistic in current scenario.
  12. That background score just hits differently in the theatre.
  13. Kishan ji ne firse hamari laaj rakhli
  14. Massive annual bonus coming your way from microsoft/bethasda 🤘🏻 Thanks for your services.
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