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  1. Guardians of the galaxy cosmic deluxe edition ps4 - ₹3499 on gamestheshop It should come with the ore order bonus steelbook as well https://www.gamestheshop.com/Marvel-s-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Cosmic-Deluxe-Edition-Free-Steelbook-for-PS4/5746
  2. Xbox series x went for ₹44,991 on flipkart OOS now
  3. Xbox series x went for ₹44,991 on flipkart OOS now
  4. God of War : Ragnorak Little devil inside Horizon Forbidden West Zelda BOTW 2 Marvel Midnights Sun Sifu Forspoken splatoon 3 Hogwarts Legacy Considering i don't buy games until they are discounted heavily. These will remain in my Wishlist for long
  5. Yes, not expecting anyone to pay half of 7k i was expecting somewhere around 35-40% of the total value for ps4 code. Also that can be discussed. I am just looking in case anyone is interested ps: you should be able to upgrade to ps5 version for $10. But lets see.
  6. Anybody willing to dutch in for Gran Turismo 7 Anniversary Edition? It comes with physical version of PS5 game and digital code for ps4 version. I am looking for somebody who is interested in the PS4 code. PS: Mods, If this is not the correct place to post this request please let me know.
  7. It’s a really Good game. Gameplay looks like top down returnal. Havent played returnal though.
  8. Flipkary has started delivering stuff in that sort of a packaging recently. Irrespective bow badly it might damage the product inside.
  9. Wait, 40 total reactions for stretch goal i read that as 40 erections
  10. Got the 2nd installment of gifts.@playstationdude Loved the gifts man. Thank you The guy shipped it before travelling to africa apparently PS: How do you embed pictures? it used to work earlier for me. not anymore.
  11. Just received my gift it is super awesome 😍😘🤗 thanks @playstationdude ps: next time use anonymous login or incognito while researching 😬😘
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