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  1. What Jim also said is that lower spec model will be outdated very soon. And customers want their consoles to be relevant for 6-7 years. Which is a valid point. Also the article gives example of psp e series and wii mini though they came at the end of their respective generations. What is wrong if horizon and miles morales are available cross gen? if the game is looking that good on ps5 then what is the issue over here ? Anyone will happily take it. It is not looking like a ps3/ps4 game. If it had not been looking great and been held back by ps4 then it would have made sense to have all this hue and cry.
  2. Guessing/hoping we will have these prices in India Digital Edition - ₹37,990 Disc - ₹47,990
  3. Does anyone have Resistance PS3 available on their pin code? And can order it on my behalf?
  4. Yup same happening in delhi too. They just get a piece of paper signed by the family and thats it. Bhagwan bharose.
  5. The problem is seeing people going on with their lives normally without any precaution is encouraging family and friends to do the same. they have started saying we are unnecessarily staying indoors and taking extra precautions see everyone is out going on with their regular lives. its getting difficult to give answers and control elders in the family now.
  6. wo manhoosiyat, now no one can save Sony.
  7. which one was the secret playstation exclusive?
  8. ratchet and clank coming in launch window. What does that mean ????? like this year?
  9. These 59.5k cases should be against yesterdays test count right? Which was 609,917. also i doubt we will be seeing a downward trend anytime soon.
  10. Its to identify player #1,2,3,4 and so forth. colors are fixed for the players if i am not wrong. plus used for vr tracking as well.
  11. In India it will still be Delhi (1.52 L Cases), 22k more than Pune
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