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  1. Saw doctor strange. Mixed feelings, Enjoyed it in bits and pieces. Also is it just me or the cgi was really bad compared to other marvel movies. ps: First scene somehow reminded me of spiderman 2002.
  2. Btw : Pacman remake/remastered was just announced at nintendo direct mini few hours back
  3. Microsoft follows us pricing (thus increasing dollar value will lead to increase in prices) sony follows european pricing in india, thats why no change till now. Ps: read this on twitter.
  4. DMC HD collection was released for ps4 as well. They have already started adding psp games to the catalogue
  5. Top Gun ❤️ Please go watch it if you haven’t. This movie deserves to be experienced in theatres. PS: Last 40 minutes
  6. Seriously, they should learn from Microsoft and should not have given it free to psplus users like xbox did it for xbox live gold and GP subscribers. Stupid sony. How can they let users experience something when Microsoft is not doing the same.
  7. Two legends when they come together, they come together
  8. Unhone bhi ghar chalana hai apna
  9. You are a visionary my lord. Ponies - Have had blue balls their whole life. - They come frequently Xbots - Have had green balls their whole life. - They come once in a while Legends - Have both - together they Last long, very long.
  10. They didn't mention which are cross gen and which are just next gen titles, Right?
  11. The way they are showcasing the game play in installments i doubt it will release next year. Hopefully i am wrong. No mans sky + outer worlds + fallout
  12. Sample box art during ps4 era. Recently they have stopped branding these games as ps4/5 console exclusive games on the cover art.
  13. They have been using the term "PlayStation Console Exclusive" lately.
  14. Great Analogy no wonder xbots are busy getting re programmed.
  15. BW was released on disney+ on the day of its release with pay per view if i am not wrong. Then released for regular streaming in a couple of months time. Maybe they are preponing doctor strange as we are about to get Thor next month.
  16. Marvel is following this trend of releasing their movies within 2-3 on disney+ since pandemic started. They did it with black widow, shang chi and eternals. Also doctor strange’s theatre run is way past its prime now. We did not get No way home so soon on streaming simply because sony is involved. And apparently no spiderman movies are there on disney+ if i am not wrong. Also its digital release did happen less than 3 months post release. Ideally same should happen with thor. maybe not as soon as Doctor Strange as thor has relatively larger fan base compared to doctor strange and might have longer theatre run.
  17. Got these over last month. Finally found individual uncharted game copies on ps4 PS: Just dance is super addictive
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