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  1. I watched it over the weekend and really liked the movie. But the track that constantly played was getting irritating in the first half of the movie. If you get past that, it is a great watch.
  2. I currently have the S21 Ultra. Thinking about going to a smaller phone and getting s22 or s22+ What is the word on S22 compared to S22+? Is it just a screen size difference ( and charging)?
  3. I recently understood that some of the shows split their season (mostly final), so that they are considered for the awards in 2 separate years instead of just one.
  4. Oh, I didn't realize the latter part. Not sure what their name is.
  5. @Gautam thoughts or anything that you can share?
  6. Hey Cousin! Let's go bowling!
  7. I bought the WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD 1TB with Heatsink. Still waiting for it to show up. What is the best/optimal external drive to get for the PS5? (Moving PS5 games around and playing PS4 games)
  8. Thank you guys! I didnt realize 10$ option will show up only after release.
  9. Hello I have Uncharted 4 Special edition (and still have the disc) and bought the Lost Legacy DLC from the PSN store for the reduced price. When Uncharted 4 came to PS plus, I did add to my library. Now, when I go to the remaster collection, it just shows me $50 price tag. Is there a way to get the $10 price?
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