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  1. Yeah that is indeed fun to do.. and i had spent some time literally just doing that, trying to see how far can i throw the axe.
  2. Hmm, I didn't find the game difficult that much.. I don't play games on hard difficulty anymore. It's just that, i didn't expect the game to be the way it is... I hadn't read much about the game or seen a lot of trailers either. I played the game till that guy attacks kratos at his hut/home, maybe just a little more after that.. Will probably try playing again on the weekend.
  3. I started playing the game finally, but didn't really like it a lot.. I didn't know they changed the game-play style. Hopefully, I get the motivation to play it further. can't believe that it won't be fun if i give it a little time.
  4. That was so fun to watch.... hahah
  5. Microsoft announced surface duo for Holiday next year... Dual screen fold form factor... Looked nice in the video.. Let's see if it faces issues like the samsung fold.
  6. needed to buy the phone right away... went with the 7T itself. Thanks!
  7. any deals on phones? One plus 7T price range types..
  8. what a stupid frickin review...
  9. /rohit sharma post match interview video Where is Rishabh Pant? :p
  10. I want to access Hotstar, sony liv and tata sky live from outside India on my pc. Which are the best VPN services to use? (Free or paid)
  11. He scored the winner and only goal in '10 final from what i remember... If not De Gea, then who?
  12. Woah!!! It finally happened.. had been hearing it since so long...
  13. No Mac please. I don't know why, but i don't like Macbooks. I will check the other two. How is the surface laptop?
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