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  1. ayush12ice

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Will we ever see a full SP campaign GTA 6? 😢 happy for their numbers though...
  2. ayush12ice

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I don't really agree with that. hehe... Lost let me down a lot. It was my favorite show and then they ended it the way they did.. I even put Dexter ending above that and Dexter ended in such a disappointing manner. On the other hand GOT, still has its moments and although we all may not like it as much as the earlier seasons, it is still entertaining to some extent.
  3. ayush12ice

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Hotstar India only recently slowed down on Nord VPN for me. A couple of months ago, it used to run fine. Although sony liv was always buffering. I do use it on the fire stick.
  4. ayush12ice

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    I totally get the price thing. HBO now is pretty expensive, 14.99 per month. I actually use hotstar India a lot on VPN there, but lately Nord indian servers seem to be running really slow. Every match i watch on it, buffers after a minute or two. I never checked amazon prime US through VPN. I actually don't have prime in the US and if i use my Indian account on amazon.com for prime(Amazon) video, it shows a very limited library to me. If you really want to use US streaming services, i say use smartdnsproxy instead of VPN. You would probably get much better performance. Netflix US definitely works through this, it doesn't via Nord for me.
  5. ayush12ice

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    People having problems with watching GOT on hotstar... HBO now works on VPN (at least Nord) or smartdnsproxy in India.
  6. ayush12ice

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I think they intentionally made the episode so dark, so that they can skimp on the wights CGI. Up till now every time they showed wights, they were quite detailed and almost unique among each other. With the scale that they had last night, i feel they just didn't have enough time and resources to pull it off. Kind of like the elephants. LOL. When the red woman lights up the Dothraki swords, i literally cheered. That was a moment of epic proportions. That Arya move, she did it with Brienne when they were sparring in the courtyard last season from what i remember. NOICE! The dumb c*nt Jon snow, good for nothing almost in this episode except for brooding. hahaha. None of the central characters(imho) died. It's like the writers are f**king with us, till a couple of seasons ago, they made it so that we always think one would die, so we almost expect it. For instance, i had the opinion that Arya and Jon or Dany would die, but it didn't happen. Also, did they show Tormund at the end? I am unsure if he survived. He is one of my characters, i hope he survives.
  7. ayush12ice

    Suggestions and feedback

    When you click on view new posts, select condensed on top right below the filters. That's what i do, whenever i see a spoiler thread being made. It will still show you all threads with new posts, but you will not see any content of the post.
  8. ayush12ice

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    did hotstar upgrade to 5.1 or still at 2.1?
  9. ayush12ice

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Thank you for the straight forward answer kind sir!
  10. ayush12ice

    Movie Discussion Thread

    without any spoilers, how much does the captain marvel movie add to the story line? I have still not watched it.
  11. ayush12ice

    The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Killer stuff yo!!! would be epic to watch movies in that room.. ❤️ That shiny SVS subwoofer!!! woof!! woof!!
  12. ayush12ice

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    The Wire was the bomb! My top show.. even the second season has grown on me.. I think the Arya scene was weird and uncomfortable for me, because I saw her as a little sister or child. This made me understand how parents would feel about their children having sex. Why is Ghost so tiny??? When Nymeria shows up in the last season, she was a big a*s wolf. I hope she makes an appearance as well.
  13. ayush12ice

    Movie Discussion Thread

    can we please be careful with spoilers and what not.. I won't be seeing the movie till like 4th 5th May... 😐
  14. ayush12ice

    The Cricket Thread

    WTF!!!!!! Delhi is on top of the table at this moment! how the fish did this happen???