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  1. /rohit sharma post match interview video Where is Rishabh Pant? :p
  2. I want to access Hotstar, sony liv and tata sky live from outside India on my pc. Which are the best VPN services to use? (Free or paid)
  3. He scored the winner and only goal in '10 final from what i remember... If not De Gea, then who?
  4. Woah!!! It finally happened.. had been hearing it since so long...
  5. No Mac please. I don't know why, but i don't like Macbooks. I will check the other two. How is the surface laptop?
  6. I may need to buy a laptop soon. Something up to a 1000$. I am in USA and can buy online or in store in Minneapolis. I have never really bought a laptop before. Always preferred desktops, but this time around need portability. Requirements: Decent screen size Need to run a full virtual machine of windows (7 or 10) or Linux on it and several tools like Docker, Jenkins, etc. (High RAM and CPU usage) Mostly use it for work. Watch movies and shows. Gaming is not necessarily a requirement. Light to carry (I understand that the screen size would be inversely proportional)
  7. I think you didn't understand me correctly. I meant for the Samsung pay workaround(mentioned in my post) for Indian watches(any region watch where SPAY isn't available on the watch), there is no rooting required to be done.
  8. XDA has a thread on how to rooth gear S3 with magisk module and xposed module. So that involved root right? Or am I missing something? No root no nothing. Everything is official samsung software or tools 1)Go to settings/about gear/ and activate "Debugging" 2)Go to settings/connetion/Wi-Fi/ and set to "always on" then connect to your preferred network. 3)Go to settings/connetion/Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi networks/your connected network/ and scroll down until you find "IP Address" and save somewhere that address. 4) Download to your Desktop "sdb tool" 5)D:\Users\Ayush\Desktop\sdb_2.2.60_windows-64\data\tools>sdb connect [The IP address will be the one your watch has] 6) sdb shell 7)sh-3.2$ launch_app csc-manager.csc-pre-configuration Once you run the last command, a menu would open on the watch, just select the required region. For Example, XAR for US.
  9. I have a frontier but I have not rooted it etc. Kept it as it is. Don't care for Spay Actually there is no root involved. Everything is as is. It's just a change of region in the watch. Nothing else and you can switch it back to your original if you want (but then pay won't work).
  10. The shot with Putin, the fifa president(?) and the king. hahahha
  11. Anyone here has the Gear S3 with Samsung pay enabled? I didn't know that there was a workaround in place already to get SPay on any watch. I applied the workaround on my watch and it does work. Added my HDFC debit and credit cards with ease and used them as well. Basically, the workaround changes the region of the watch. I set it to a US region code (XAR). While adding a credit card, it asks for a pin code along with cc number, doe, cvv and name. For the HDFC CC, i just put in 5 random numbers and it accepted it. But, adding citibank credit card has not worked out yet, it keeps getting declined. After agreeing to the TnC, it sends out the request to the bank, i assume, which declines it even before getting to verify using sms, email or call bank option. any pointers on how to add a Citi Credit card? PS: it's cool to use the watch to pay.. adds convenience to making payments. Don't have to take out the phone or wallet out from the pocket.
  12. Probably because before that you really hadn't seen dinosaurs on screen. Now you feel, what's new in this....
  13. Sicario 2 ; less than a month to go.. The menacing soundtrack.. \chills
  14. I do not watch other leagues to be honest. Very rarely have i watched La liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, the french one, etc..... What is the average points difference between the top 4-5 teams in all the leagues, let's say for the last 10 years or so?
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