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  1. @AtheK Which robo vacuum and mop do you use? I think i saw you mentioned in a post somewhere about it.
  2. I still have a warning point for posting a troll link many years ago. LOL...
  3. Would you recommend using SSD over regular portable HDD for external storage with the PS4? I would get one, if they is an improvement in load times for games. Any particular one that works well with the PS4?
  4. Will i get the pre-order bonuses if i order it today?
  5. Honestly speaking, i don't eat anything between meals anymore. Still doesn't help me lose weight though. haha maybe it helps in not increasing it. You can also add Cinnamon, a little vanilla extract in the pancakes as well. Maybe you can give dehydrated fruits and veggies a go? like veggie chips and what not. LOL. You can also try smoothies.. Make them with combo of fruits, a little bit of yogurt and milk. Mango, strawberry and Banana is a combo i like. It is like a complete liquid breakfast. Put in various nuts in it as well.
  6. banana and oats pancakes.. 2 bananas 1/2 cup rolled oats 2 eggs add a little bit of salt if you want. Put all of this in a blender make a smoothie texture like batter let it sit for a 10-15 mins fry them up on a pan till golden brown on both sides. Have it honey or maybe maple syrup(makes it unhealthy though LOL) and fruits.. You can also add baking powder in the batter while mixing it if you like it more fluffier.
  7. I am trying to find your post about how to cycle (and decontaminate) N95 masks, but can't. Thank you for sharing so much pertinent information and debunking irrelevant info. Can you share a link to it or post it again
  8. I don't know what you mean by spicy there... LOL Anyway, god damn.. Sokrates can get irritating with his philosophy... haha wanted to punch him in the face.... I haven't played the game for a couple of days now.. I finished chapter 4 and was clearing out all the missions in Attika. It is fun to try to spot all the differences compared to the actual locations and sometimes say heyy i have been there. Hehehe..
  9. I didn't really check which character is better... Didn't think it would be such a big difference. LOL... Why doesn't the game just give an option to try out both or just change? :|
  10. Motorstorm was epic fun. That little hint of roadrash, the amazing soundtrack and the environment.
  11. That's ironical. the licensed ps4 hard drive is from Seagate. LOL! I also finally decided to use one of my external 2TB HDD which was just lying around and not being used with the PS4. Haven't started using it yet. I was constantly running out of space on the internal drive. I am planning to use this hard drive which i bought back in 2016. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B00GO0HY68/ Is it good enough to be used with the PS4?
  12. ayush12ice

    Grand Theft Auto V

    That is so sad... :'(
  13. Hhaha.. i think i have been watching it once every year since 2015 or 16. Today smoking will save lives. LOL
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