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    7 hours ago, Gautam said:

    He's at Rockstar San Diego. He actually left R* for a year and joined back a few months ago. Last I checked with him, he said GTA 6 is still a long way away. Unlikely to be revealed this year.


    Thanks for the update! :(

  2. 19 hours ago, KnackChap said:

    His friend used to work for Rockstar india so he used to give some hints. That friend now directly posts here I think. :P


    Oh, I didn't realize the latter part. Not sure what their name is. 

  3. On 1/20/2022 at 10:52 AM, Ne0 said:

    Man, reading the first few pages of this thread, brings back so many memories.... this forum was almost like a group chat back then, used to be on at all times on my browser at work , posting random comments.... can't believe it's ~15 years since !


    XBOX 360 / PS3 era was some of the best days of playing video games for me, i think, still have my x360/ps3 safely tucked in some place at home with most of my video games from those platforms , couldn't bring myself to sell them on account of nostalgia !!




    Hey Cousin! Let's go bowling!

  4. 7 hours ago, NitroNeo said:

    You live in india or in another country? If in india then i'd like to ask about shipping, pricing, import duties and the risk of not getting warranty



    5 hours ago, NitroNeo said:

    The people here need to honor it though, some phones have international warranty as well but here in india the service center people are asked by company to ignore it.

    Ah bummer :(


    Apologies, I am in the US. 

  5. Hello

    I have Uncharted 4 Special edition (and still have the disc) and bought the Lost Legacy DLC from the PSN store for the reduced price.

    When Uncharted 4 came to PS plus, I did add to my library.


    Now, when I go to the remaster collection, it just shows me $50 price tag. Is there a way to get the $10 price?

  6. 29 minutes ago, KrIzAliD said:


    1. WD Black as Mark Cerney is using the same so it should be good(check his tweets he posted a photo of the same)

    2. No, considering the cost is same as buying a new ps5




    going for $360 right now.


    I am thinking I might wait for Black Friday. Might go for even lower at that time. 

  7. 48 minutes ago, AnK said:

    It adds :-

    -Dynamic 4k @ 60fps (BC version is CB 4k)

    -Haptics & adaptive trigger support 

    -3D Audio 

    -Realtime Cutscenes (hence Japanese lip sync)

    -Story Expansion on separate Island 


    You can upgrade your copy to PS5 version for :-$30

    if you want to keep playing in BC mode then you can get just the Story expansion for :-$20


    Thanks! :)


    Dayumn.. 30 bucks and I will probably still have to keep the disc in the PS5 as well. 

    Also, will have to put off playing the game for another month.

  8. On 7/10/2021 at 4:18 AM, dante77 said:

    Isn't Akshay Kumar doing the same thing? Is he not doing any business here?

    I hope this discussion don't go political from here on lol


    I think he would have OCI card which is like a green card for India and allows one to work, run businesses, etc. The only 3 things i know that are not allowed on it is voting, run for public office and own farm land...


    On 7/10/2021 at 1:54 PM, Bird Bird Bird said:



    MBBS interns have to mandatorily do AYUSH postings too. Not something I ever thought of hearing in my lifetime. :mellow:


    On 7/10/2021 at 1:58 PM, KunjanPSD said:

    Who would take AYUSH as an elective?

    I won't even go to such a doctor (not personal to anyone).


    I feel attacked. :sadbye:

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  9. On 4/8/2021 at 8:43 PM, Big Boss said:

    My friend's cousin came from Canada last week at Delhi airport and paid 10k bribe to get out of mandatory quarantine, went and met a prospective bride and her family, and even finalised his marriage. Now is on UP trip to meet his relatives etc. Priorities.


    Honest question. 

    Is there a mandatory quarantine requirement for people coming from Canada?


    I came from the US last week. I asked specifically after de-boarding in India if I have to quarantine as a requirement and was told that I just need to self monitor my health and that was it.

    Getting negative RT PCR test results 72 hours before flying is required of course. 

    I thought it would be the same for Canada as well. 


     I got a covid test done on Thursday, 6 days after coming, and results came back negative. :)

  10. 5 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    Reminds me of one of our neighbours. Guy owns a local pharma firm, is mega rich with multiple Mercs and Audis. 

    He turned positive. His wife's words were she would not get tested since she might turn positive if she gets tested. I mean....you can't buy common sense with money. :wallbash:



    True, this. Sab bak bak ho rahi bas. Mann ki bhadaas etc. :P


    That right there is TrumpLogic, Yo! 


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  11. 12 hours ago, Big Boss said:

    Yeah. The entire series looked like it was played in an alternate universe where Covid doesn't exist.


    And they even had the audacity to include the word "safety" in the name... 

    Ironic or Moronic, maybe both? 


    46 minutes ago, SRINI87 said:

    Hotstar can't take the load 

    Yeah.. f**king hell!!! The app stopped loading for me completely. Fire TV stick, laptop, mobile, everywhere i could try. Missed the last 10-15 overs of the watch. :'( 



    14 minutes ago, harsh1387 said:

    Sam Curran PTSD was full on

    oh Man.. totally. The horror from the test series... 

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