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  1. Crash Bandicoot time. Dual sense features supported. Nice! Activity Card supported with save carry over from PS4.
  2. I opened the YouTube page to set a reminder for it. Right away, I could see messages in the chat, PC is master race...
  3. Yep! I watched almost the whole day.
  4. no Screwball challenges.. The challenges that are there are pretty easy to get through. Also, if you find it difficult, you can lower the difficulty. I played on the default one (amazing?).
  5. my game time reads 24 hours, but it is probably much less than that..
  6. @Jigsaw My stats read 24 hours, but you can probably finish it in much less time than that. I sometimes leave the game on while talking on the phone and also I keep swinging around the city randomly sometimes..
  7. I liked the game enough to play it again.. I like the combat and traversal mechanism. hehe
  8. Yes, completing the main story on NG+ is required for platinum. Also, skills and suits trophy will unlock only in NG+
  9. (Unfortunately) plat requires NG+, also three skills and one suit only unlock in NG+. So 3 trophies are tied to NG+ for getting the platinum. Hahahha.. I finished SpiderMan (on NG+) and all 3 episodes of the DLC just before starting this as well. I took my sweet time on the first playthrough but played NG+ really quick; skipping cutscenes, didn't do any side missions stuff, etc. I will look up the game time and let you know. Why don't I get a simple way of looking at the game time on the phone app, same as on the PS5... :|
  10. Finished the game. Really liked the game.. short and sweet. Can't wait for the sequel. Favorite suit was 2020 suit followed by the cat Bodega suit. Played new game plus with the cat suit. Heheh Sent from my SM-G998U1 using Tapatalk
  11. Miles morales done. Ripped through new game plus in 3-4 hours. Sent from my SM-G998U1 using Tapatalk
  12. I didn't see the movie.. hahaha.. Actually haven't seen the show in quite some time as well. :|
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