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  1. Is there any other such smaller dock thingy that I can get? I don't really need the streaming feature.
  2. Gus is the MVP!!!! I sometimes put Gus' hello ringtone on my phone. hhehe
  3. I finished Man in high castle and didn't know what to watch next, so I just put the first episode on to watch while eating my dinner. & now 5-6 days later, I am on season 3.
  4. Hahaha even mine was this.. I think for most of us, it would be Astro's Playroom!
  5. This is kind of reverse of that Dr live video... hahaha
  6. Finished SpiderMan remastered main campaign... Onto the DLC which I never got around to playing on the PS4. Playing them in order.. and got half way through the Heist one
  7. I have bought the game thrice and will buy it a 4th time when it comes out for PS5. No surprise with such numbers. LOL.
  8. The game felt like a switch game to me. hehee Will get it on PS5 though as you suggested.
  9. I played its demo on switch and really liked it. Might buy the game in a sale later on.
  10. Totally understandable! That's why I those in-built wireless charging pad tables are intriguing. For the gear s3 they had the charging cradle and I don't get why they changed the default charger to a pad. Cradle is so much better. LOL. What all settings are you running at? Resolution, AOD, etc? I am running everything at max right now with always-on display and not sure if the battery is best optimized right now. Maybe after some usage it will show better results.
  11. hmm... I do intend to trade in my s3 frontier for the galaxy watch3 and use the 200$ credits I am supposed to get. Hopefully they credit it soon before the 100$ off offer on the watches end. Yeah, The duo might be unnecessary even then as I think it will just take extra space, as I do not keep the watch at my bedside for charge anyway.
  12. The oh snap grip is advertised to support wireless charging but I am skeptical if it will work with a case and the grip. Thankfully I have large enough hands that I have not really needed to use a a grip before. But since this can double up as kickstand, I thought it might be nice to have. I don't have any wireless chargers as of now. Never had a phone which supported it till now. LOL I am looking at these: (would be nice to have a stand one for the work desk) https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/wireless-charger-duo-pad-black-ep-p4300tbegus/ https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/wireless-charger-convertible-black-ep-n3300tbegus/ https://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/mobile-accessories/phones/wireless-charger-single-pad-black-ep-p1300tbegus/
  13. I think the challenge tokens are the ones that you can run out of. If you have exhausted them, you might have to do maybe New game+ to get the suit trophy.
  14. Thanks! I went with the Spigen rugged armour for now. I am thinking of adding this grip to it, but not sure if the combo of the grip and case would block wireless charging. https://ohsnap.com/products/ohsnap-grip
  15. what about the upgrades and suits? I remember there was a trophy for that as well which can be missed due to lack of tokens. So be careful about that if you haven't gotten it yet.
  16. can't comment about disc. I bought the digital ultimate edition for PS5 and got the PS4 version of both SpiderMan and MM.
  17. Good to know! LOL... kharab hai to sabka kharab hai... :p
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