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  1. Well there have been other players in this era who have been world class in patches but could never achieve the longevity or consistency of Messi and Ronaldo. That’s what made them great if Mbappe can keep the same consistency for the next 8 to 10 years then yes he can be in the same bracket as those two guys but right now it’s too early to predict. Remember Neymar and Bale were suppose to takeover from Messi and Ronaldo at Barca and Madrid and look how that turned out.

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  2. 13 hours ago, harsh1387 said:

    Flipkart are idiots.

    Among the sea of my orders there was an orange Reebok shoe which was a steal deal. Flipkart sneakily at last moment changed the complete product in order history and delivered another dumb looking Reebok shoe. I opted for return citing wrong product sent. After series of calls and emails and sending them pics of ordered shoe and delivered show, they finally cancelled the return citing their delivery partner has delivered the product in perfect condition. Absolute morons.


    So, I opted for return again citing wrong Size. This was accepted in a minute. What jokers ?


    Thankfully my Iphone order wasn't cancelled and there was no hiccup while delivery except for the open box fiasco.


    @AtheK- My nike and Asics shoes also turned out to be original.



    Similar thing happened to me, had ordered a Samsung sound bar. But the sound bar was DOA, the installation guy tried his stuff said to raise a return request but when I tried the doa option it just said go check with Samsung, tried chatting with CC they kept closing my tickets as resolved under flipkart “travel”.

    Second time instead of DOA tried with damaged option, this time it accepted but their representative will call and confirm and only then pick up.

    Got a call from flipkart rep telling that he is a Samsung rep and that I need to raise it with Samsung I told him to quit this BS and just accept my return. By this time I was sure they would cancel and started checking with Samsung but to my surprise they accepted my return  got the pick up done the next day and got the refund in two days.


  3. 6 hours ago, Mr. Comingle said:

    Beat the game first time now working on getting the true ending.

    Man, this game is so good. Proper 10/10. The only complaint I have is that the fourth level wasn’t that strong but otherwise, god damn man.

    it’s the returnal of brawlers basically. 
    Skillup’s review is so accurate. Wax on. Wax off.

    It feels so amazing to wipe the floor with enemies you previously struggled with. f**king feel like Neo just dodging and parrying every strike. I reached a point where I was just parrying by audio cues just from muscle memory.

    10/10 go buy it. It’s one indie that deserves your money more than most AAA games out there. 
    There is also an easy mode now so you don’t have any excuse.


    Nice, waiting for it to come to ps plus extra.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Vaibhavp said:


    Platforming looks great till you notice those button prompts. 


    Missed opportunity. Should've been full on platformer.

    Button prompts can be turned off in the settings, only issue is you can only jump where the button prompts show up so it’s easier to play keeping it on.

  5. 2 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:






    Legit enjoyed it. Dunno why we expect it to be serious. It's a superhero movie FFS.  It's light, comical, fresh summer blockbuster. 

    Is it the best story ? Nah. But it's fun. 

    IMAX was full, the jokes landed, people were laughing, lots of hooting throughout the movie. 

    Really don't get the negative reviews. 


    Nice, I loved Ragnarok it was something different from the usual serious super hero movies at that time and by the looks of it this movie should be a fun watch too.

  6. 1 hour ago, Big Boss said:

    Holy sh*t KGF 2 is so good. It's over the top but damn the atmosphere, music and overall screenplay is on another level. Rocky is probably the most badass hero in movies. Just finished half the movie. This would have been blast in theaters.


    I take everything I said bad about these movies back. These are awesome movies. Is Pushpa also similar? 

    I felt KGF 1 was a better movie than 2 so if you haven’t watched 1 you can watch that too. Pushpa is basically KGF 1 with sandalwood instead of gold mines but still fun in its own way. 

    Check out Vikram it will be launching on ott tomorrow everyone who watched it had only praises for it.


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  7. 5 hours ago, cyberpunk said:

    I think RRR was really good till the third act. They built the waycist villain throughout the movie but he gets defeated kind of easily without putting much of a fight? Also, did NTR Jr. friendzone that British girl? :P  Still enjoyed it more than whatever Bollywood has been churning out lately. Although, I heard Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 is decent fun. Waiting for its OTT


    They built up the protagonists crazily too Ram Charan single handedly beating up 1000 people and Jr NTR facing a tiger with bear hands. No way the villain stood a chance against them :P



    46 minutes ago, Assassins Creed said:


    Watch KGF 1&2 next..

    And Pushpa but it has the same plot as KGF 1 with sandalwood instead.

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