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  1. Burn in for static images does happen in oled. We used it with a set top box for a year and a half it’s been more than a year now since we stopped using set top box but I can see the set top box company’s logo when the screen is fully white. So yeah be careful with static images other than that it’s all good.
  2. Tucker is smart he knows his target audience and knows how to pander to them. It’s quite obvious what he preaches but phrases it in a way that he can’t get into trouble similar to the peeps on PS vs Xbox thread.
  3. Will be interesting to see what Roman does next if he goes ahead with the sale all proceeds will go to the UK govt if he waits for everything to be cooled and the war to be over Chelsea will be in a huge financial trouble by that time.
  4. Recently got the 43 inch qled Q60A (similar panel to frame) for my room, have an oled in the hall comparing both Q60A is a decent tv but no where near as good as oled.
  5. Nice never knew that. I got the iPhone 12 last year during the sale to replace my S9. I still have the S9 with me sitting in the cupboard might take it out and try some stuff.
  6. He quit the IVG discord too, left without a reason.
  7. So I have a HK account for Ps plus and normally it goes on sale during the lunar new year and that’s when I extend my subscription but this year no discounts on ps plus. I am guessing we might get some news on Spartacus soon.
  8. It is already happening they are focusing on lot of first party exclusives and studio acquisitions this gen and add to that if they can make mainstream vr possible they will be in a very good position regardless of whom MS buys.
  9. That’s a huge amount for any company but for a gaming company wow
  10. I was not expecting some laughs when I opened this thread.
  11. New to Xbox, how do I join, games have different lobbies? Dont see any activity in the scam gang chat
  12. Yeah missed it too At what time does the scam gang play?
  13. Thanks, yes that offer didn’t work but gold had 1+7 as I had never used before so got that. Got it for 33 months in total.
  14. Got the console today need help in buying GP. Best way right now is to get 30 months of gold and then get ultimate 7+1?
  15. Got the series x today! Amazon just put a plastic cover on the box and delivered it luckily no issues with the box.
  16. Lol for me they changed the estimated delivery date from Jan 5 to Dec 26.
  17. Went ahead and did it lol Hats off to the Xbox marketing team on IVG for making me do this. What is my next step to get initiated into the scam gang
  18. I see the GP gang having fun with the mp games feels lonely on the ps side. May be should get one too but don’t think I can justify having two consoles with the gaming time I get also have no intention of selling my ps5. Too conflicting
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