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  1. Same other than the black other colors look meh.
  2. Need a suggestion. What’s a good 43 inch tv I can get to pair up with the ps5? Prefer to stick to either LG, Samsung or Sony.
  3. Oh, yeah then Merc did screw up their strategy with not pitting at the end they even had their pit crew out lol I am a casual Been a while since I followed F1 need to brush up the rules.
  4. Yes that was a BS decision too, stewards could have been so much more competent with their decisions. Anyway happy that Max won and Mercedes dominance is finally over.
  5. Yeah agree with this I guess they were expecting lapped cars won’t overtake the safety car and would have lost position if they had pit but in the end it felt like the stewards decided who will win the championship and not the racers themselves.
  6. Wanted Max to win but not like this, race control did Hamilton dirty.
  7. Yes, my CA friend does it for me for free every year it takes him very little time.
  8. Yes India still comes under Europe as per PS but such games normally end up coming to other regions in a month or two so there is some hope.
  9. Haven't watched F1 in a while but watched some parts of the race and I noticed Hamilton whines a lot he couldn't overtake someone when he was in 13th place cry about it in the radio, couldn't get past Alonso whine again about dangerous driving.
  10. Not sure how true but if your immune system has already experienced similar viruses it will detect covid 19 much faster. Could be reason you didn't get it.
  11. Don't think its a downgrade it was far worse previously two indie ps4 games and even worse ps3 games. At least now we are getting a good AAA ps4 game every month. Yes would have been better if they had given out a game that was not part of ps plus collection but its still a good month for ps4 owners.
  12. Nope you do need GP ultimate for mp games.
  13. Nah its fine, if it was the normal way of one click win you would have won another dual sense yours was the first name that popped up.
  14. There seems to be some confusion haha, congrats to the winners! @Jigsaw Did you have any bets on me winning lol?
  15. Only the free ps plus ps4 version won't get the free upgrade I think.
  16. In too, thanks Sam for the giveaway and all the best everyone!
  17. A bit late to post but finally got the ps5 thanks to @Assassins Creed who gave me his amazon pre order. Thought I had missed it when my attempt on trying to get only from Amazon failed. But then the forum came to my rescue and not one but two awesome people were ready to give their extra to me @HarishProGamer and @Assassins Creed. I don't post here much but this forum and its members are amazing. Coming to ps5 I was not sure whether getting it day one was a valid decision as I didn't game heavily on my ps4 but then I tried astro bot, the dual sense controller is definitely next gen stuff the game alone changed my views at least for now on the purchase, now time to test fifa and GoT.
  18. Awesome! Waiting for Amazon's arriving early status
  19. Yippee Hoping they dispatch all the Bangalore orders at once.
  20. Sorry, wrong source, thought I33tmaniac was from Bangalore will edit my post.
  21. Which city are you located in? Only hint I got was when I checked the listing for dual sense yesterday afternoon, I could order anytime in the next 20 hrs and will be delivered by Friday. (This was for Bangalore). My guess was that the ps5 will follow the same route but considering no updates till now most probably wrong.
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