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  1. 3 hours ago, him2anshu said:

    Hey Guys,


    Please let me know if you come across any sale or good offers on Macbook Air M1, I am getting an exchange of 15k on my mid 2013 model on FK. Does Apple store provide exchange offers in India and can we stack them with Student offer or something?


    You can get Airpods + 10K (Approx) discount if you buy the M1 through the UNIDAYS promotion. Teachers, students and their guardians can avail of this facility. I also plan on buying the M1 Air through the UNIDAYS promotion. It is the best deal one can get in India right now.

  2. can anyone recommend a reputable, trusted seller who sells US Playstation Store credit? I tried asking AL Pacino, but he stopped selling codes. any help would be appreciated.


    Edit- I don't have a credit card , so any sellers who accept Indian debit cards would be great

  3. 1 hour ago, kaka_messi said:



    Guys what is price of Indian PSN+? If I buy it from the US, then would I be able to play MP games on my Indian account (of course same ps4)? Any Cons of buying it from the US?

     Indian PSN costs about 4000 for 12 months. buy psn from us account instead. I share a psn account with my friend. It is a US account. I can play the games ,that we purchased on the us account, on my indian ac. so, yeah the games work. I'm not too sure about multiplayer though, because, india and us are different regions, I personally don't think that Ps+ would carry over. But, i could be wrong

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  4. 19 minutes ago, adity said:

    Found one on ebay for 3.5k. Why don't you buy it? It's not gonna get cheaper anytime soon.

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    Would love to buy it, however, I'm pretty low on cash right now. Can only buy after selling my other games.( have already listed ffxv ) I will keep an eye on this seller.  Thanks for pointing it out. Appreciate it .

  5. 5 hours ago, adity said:

    I got it from ebay for 3.2k I was lucky, I guess

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    Man, that is a sweet deal ! If you plan to sell it after some months , do let me know. Until then, I will keep trying elsewhere .

  6. 30 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:

    No one wants to sell this game. LKz7r7k.png Been searching for days now. Both local and online. Even the used ones are going for almost full price. 

    At least you found one! I'm in new delhi, and couldn't find a single person who had this on olx, quikr, craigslist and other similar sites. I found a listing on amazon and it was for ₹4500 or so. 

    The fact that the game is so limited makes me want to have it even more!😂

  7. Guys, I can't find this game on Amazon/Flipkart. I tried ebay, but it shows up for the full price. Any chance, that I can get a preowned copy from somewhere for a reasonable price(for PS4)?


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