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  1. Prashuday


    Thanks for clearing up that for me. Sounds like fun. I'm trying to get my friends to join me on psn for this. I got them to join me on anthem and the division 2. That was 2 strikes.
  2. Prashuday


    I've been meaning to play this game. Does the game involve a lot of grind? Can I play solo or do I need friends to play? Tried to google it but I couldn't find a proper answer. Apologies in advance if this question has been asked before.
  3. Please add me, psn ID : alphapacha Started the game only yesterday. Still learning all the playstyles
  4. Prashuday

    Destiny 2

    https://www.gamespot.com/articles/destiny-2-cayde-6-figure-available-at-gamestop-wit/1100-6449091 Only gamestop! This should come here too!
  5. I'm unable to find any Indian seller to pre-order thus game. Can someone guide me? Thanks in advance
  6. I havent tried port forwarding yet. i have tried to connect to destiny servers and naughty dog's for UC4. I get error code 33987-0 evertytime i try to connect to psn. As mentioned earlier when i switch to a different network and connect to psn and than again switch back to my original connection (the one i intend to play on) it remains connected. Occasionally after doing this i'm able to play online without any hitch but occassionally i'm not, which makes me wonder if its the ISP or router that i need to replace. But every time i go online i have to connect to psn in this method only. When I use test connection I'm getting a NAT type 2 connection only. When i get the opportunity maybe I'll try to get a screenshot of connection results and post it here. Thanks everyone for your solutions.Sorry for not being able to reply sooner
  7. I have a similar issue where I'm even logged into psn but can't connect to game servers. I always use my phone to create a Wi-Fi hot-spot to connect to psn and then change it back to my other connection. By doing this I'm able to connect to psn. Although I'm connected to psn sometimes I'm able to play online and other times I'm not. Not sure why it happens randomly. Anyone have a clue? I have another low speed broadband connection on which it always works fine. Is it the router or the isp that's the source of the error?
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to the game. Just finished the roi campaign. Need mates to play the game with. Please add me on psn: alphapacha
  9. I know the last reply on this thread is more than a year old, but if anyone is still playing the game please add me Psn id: alphapacha
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