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  1. Wow!....nobody huh.....its okay....i found a Puerto Rican dude frm Nyc....was hoping to have more of my brethren but multi ethnic it is i guess....who cares now...were makin money like crazy
  2. Okay....i need a player for heists....i already have 2 players & counting me thts 3 people....so we just need one more.No modders or glitchers pls.Im just looking for one more player who wants to make money by heists mostly & other legit ways only.The thing is the 2 players i have are kids....one is 12 & the other is 14(dnt worry im 26 & i keep them in check wen they get out of line.....well most of the time)...but they are kids tht listen to me...hope u have a bit of patience....cos one kid is frm aruba in the carribeans & the other frm Boston in Trumpland.....the thing is ive played this game alot with randoms but ive always had the intention of playing it with people i can trust or have a bond with.....anyways these 2 kids tht im frnds with now ive bonded with really really well....so we're just waiting on tht fourth guy tht nobody else wanted to play with either.If ur NEW to Gta thts perfect we dnt mind at all.We're just looking for someone nice & trustworthy.The timings i come online are after i come bac frm work...so looking for players who play late night frm 12 basically(yeah i know,wat can i do...i gotta wrk & pay the bills too).Pls text me if ur interested in playing with us for atleast a tryout session.So here goes My PSn id is binXcatbalck.....dnt freak out if u see some latin phrase/qoute on my psn page....dnt worry Im Indian.Txt me first if ur interested.
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