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  1. Can you please update what was done by ISP to resolve the issue. I am facing the same issue
  2. Facing the same issue.... talked to ISP also for changing the IP after that also the problem is persisting. Reset the PS DB, system settings all. Issue is there on the PSN website. as Access denied error is coming from PC
  3. It is not working. I have upgraded the firmware, even I changed the firmware to DD-WRT then also it is not working. I changed the router also :-( but that too was in vain
  4. Any update on above issue VanillaDuo did u able to resolve the issue, I am also facing the same issue.
  5. Hi, Can someone help me in resolving issue related to PSN connectivity. My internet connectivity is working fine. I am using WIFI at my home, and only website I am not able to connect to is PSN. I am getting access denied error when connecting PSN from my Laptop/PC from my home network usingWIFI and WS-37397-9 error from my Playstation 4. I tried below options already 1) Restting the Router/ flushed the firmware and reinstalled the new firmware DD-WRT on my Router 2) MAC Address Cloning 3) DNS setting to Google DNS and Open DNS 4) Port Forwarding to the specified ports by Sony 5) changed MTU to 1492 6) Rebuild the Database 7) Changed to new Router Please suggest the solution as This problem I am facing from past 15 days. Regards, Neeraj
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