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  1. Performance is not consistent. During gaming it cannot hold for more than 5 mins with my PC. However, it will handle tv and ps5.
  2. Tripping Hard. New Colossus is indeed f**king awesome.
  3. HEMAN

    God of War

    Natively it will have features and performance superior to emulation.
  4. HEMAN

    God of War

    About time. Pc gamers starting to get best of everything. Now if only Mario makes the jump, One can hope...
  5. https://www.gtplanet.net/new-gran-turismo-7-4k-screenshots-of-pre-order-bonus-cars/
  6. I am the only person who felt GoW looked exactly like 2018 not a bad thing but PS5 version should have more oomph. GT7 on the other looked like true PS5 showcase material.
  7. The greatest game of all time is coming to Gamepass MS Solitaire Premium Edition.
  8. Jeez why are some people salty about Sony putting games on PC, DAY 1 or not. Money is money doesn't matter to a company which platform its coming from.
  9. People still using Exclusive games excuse are forgetting that Sony is putting thier games on Pc too. Purchasing Nixxes clearly shows their future intend.
  10. They have been cracking down on region changes account hard. Lucky they only changed region and nothing else.
  11. How the turn tables every Ps5 owner is suddenly also a PC Gamer !
  12. HEMAN

    Gaming PCs

    Pcstudio is the best for online. Golcha is good too, only if you can visit the shop in person.
  13. HEMAN


    Available for 1139rs at Epic Games Sales after applying coupon.
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