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  1. I bought Code Vein & KCD 1 month before it was free.. I've noticed they usually have a deep sale before something goes free. Haven't bought anything since then
  2. Jerush

    Lies of P

    Not enjoying this at all. Controls feel weird. Level feels unbalanced. Reached the first boss without getting hit even once, and then died thrice to him without even making much of an impact on him. Boss feels cheap abusing the infamous souls technique - delayed attacks.
  3. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/xcom-and-civilization-developer-firaxis-games-hit-with-layoffs/1100-6514697/?ftag=CAD-01-10abi2f&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  4. Konami isn't bluepoint. Bluepoint hasn't made a bad remake yet. MG Survive was sh*t. Cutscenes can't be remade one to one. It will involve a lot more animations since PS2 had its limitations. It's like remaking an old 90s movie with current technology. One on one remake will be lacklustre. You need a good director with proper vision. This is especially true for Kojima, since he puts a lot of attention to detail in his cutscenes, the stuff that others won't even bother about
  5. So, this wouldn't involve Kojima in any way right? Setting low expectations for this in both screenplay and gameplay
  6. Back in stock at Shopatsc... Finally ordered it after trying for a year ?
  7. Don't wanna pay 4.5 k for a digital code. I'd rather wait. But how do you see it available on Amazon. Search results are empty for me. Where do I get the links?
  8. I went out of stoc in couple of minutes as usual. The Add to Cart buttons are just for show
  9. Jerush

    Elden Ring

    Coop is still active on ps. Takes a minute or two to get summoned though. The summoning pools work faster than summon signs. And, most of them are playing with proper builds these days. Coop will make fights a bit easy
  10. Demo available on ps and Xbox.. Game has extreme framerate drops on ps4. There's visible heavy stutters on almost every shot you play, messes with your timing. Gameplay is pretty good though, slightly different and tougher than existing tennis games
  11. Jerush


    Nah.. there's a lot of people still waiting for ML. After trying out Fifa 22 last month, I'm even more eager to buy PES ML whenever it launches
  12. Jerush


    https://www.ign.com/articles/efootball-will-not-get-master-league-mode-until-2023-will-be-paid-dlc?amp=1 No master league till 2023. ?? They completely ignore the only game mode that made them famous in the first place.
  13. I don't think the difficulty increases, atleast it hasn't for the first few hours. You pick two negative perks. No quest markers, unless you're close. No marker for Henry's location on map. A compass that doesn't point north. No autosave after/in between quests.(you can only save via sleeping/saviour schnapps/exit the game No fast travel (not an issue, since on ps4 fast travel is actually slow travel) No health/stamina bar. No indicators for attacking They all improve immersion very much and I actually love them all except for the no-autosave with game breaking bugs. Have been exit saving frequently since I don't have the Saviour schnapps recipe yet. And it loads painfully slow on PS4
  14. Anyone played this on hardcore mode? The no autosave is really bugging me. Only 2 hrs in and already 2 game breaking bugs made me lose 40 mins of gameplay. Is it worth playing hardcore mode on consoles?
  15. Jerush

    Elden Ring

    The magma Wyrm GS, and the Blasphemous blade. Not sure if they need somber/normal stones though. The flamberge can be infused
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