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  1. gecko89

    Doom Eternal

    Ohh wow, how'd you get a copy so early ?
  2. Heyy, how do I check the latency? I'm on PS4. While searching for a match it says, 'searching for match <50ms', sometimes <91ms, sometimes <150ms.
  3. Download was 99.160GB on PS4 Pro(I don't own the base game). Looked at some gameplay while downloading and it looks and plays much better than Blackout. Also, anyone with PSPlus can download the Warzone Combat Pack for free.
  4. Is it just me or has there been way more double posts then before ?!?
  5. PSPlus prices dropping to 2,999 INR per annum from May 1st. Anyone on the hook to buy subscription might want to wait a bit.
  6. Anyone else got mail from Playstation? PSPlus going to be 2999 INR per year from May 1st.
  7. Late to the party but finally watched Knives Out. What a film, every scene felt like a sliver of pleasure, shame I can't watch this again. Just like Brick and Looper before, Rian Johnson sticks to what he does best.
  8. May I suggest pinning this thread for a week or two, since it's a replacement for an older one. Re-watched Contagion after a long time, coz ... well it's the season of the virus :/ Arguably the most accurate film when it comes to a new virus outbreak and how the modern world deals with it. Also shows how fragile our existence is, a novel virus, couple of quick mutations and half of us are gone. Ensemble cast and very well made.
  9. Re-watched an old film I loved, just to show to it to some friends, had forgotten how incredible it was. Coherence (2013), a sci fi thriller, low budget, brilliant acting, even better story. You might want to check its trailer out if its your cup of tea.
  10. gecko89

    Titanfall 2

    Had heard good things about this game, finally got to play it thanks to PSPlus, loved the campaign and the multiplayer is still pretty active and fun, will keep me busy til Apex Season 4. Also got the plat, the gauntlet top 3 trophy took way too long to achieve. Apparently EA wanted TF3 to follow but Respawn had other ideas, like Apex Legends. And turns out it was Respawns idea to release this masterpiece near COD and Battlefield, this game was better than both and yet it didn't reach its potential.
  11. gecko89

    Yakuza 0

    You forgot to mention the incredible boss scores.
  12. https://store.playstation.com/en-in/product/EP9000-CUSA07410_00-HOLIDAY201900000 God of War Holiday 2019 Giveaway Pack FREE til Jan 6th.
  13. Watched a few movies this past few days . . Underground 6: I kinda liked it, top notch action, story could be better but would love a sequel. Joker: I can see why this made a billion dollars, got me hooked til the end. Rambo Last Blood: A good one time watch, nothing more nothing less. The Wailing: Holy f*ck, I should watch more Korean films.
  14. A couple of Synthwave songs from my playlist: NeoTokyo [Dance with the Dead Remix] by Scandroid Sunset by The Midnight
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