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  1. I have, clearly he's saying XSX has more CUs but overall console design isn't as efficient. He's not saying the Compute Units are less efficient than on the PS5 Overall efficiency point does hold some truth to it because we haven't seen that 20% difference on multiplat titles, nor have we seen XSX exclusives that look or perform better than RnC or even Demon's Souls. Maybe FH will up the ante.
  2. No one is denying the power difference in GPU. If that was the only prerequisite for better looking and better performing games, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  3. Even PS4 would hit native 4K if you drop the game fidelity enough.
  4. While you're at it, do ask the devs too, maybe they're not aware of those extra TFs
  5. gecko89

    God of War

    Its fan-voted, public opinion will not align with personal perception. But fan-voted or not, it is for the title of Best Video game of all time, seems like GoW will win. At this point, I'll only be surprised if a Sony PS Exclusive doesn't win an award
  6. Those images are from the official cosplay guide. Devs didn't change anything because of the internet trolls, at least they haven't shown anything that implies they've changed something.
  7. Jeff Bub is more of a throw 100 things and hope something sticks kinda insider
  8. I'm talking about 1800p and 2160p. 1800p with upscale done well and you'll hardly see any difference with 2160p in motion unless you pause and zoom in 400-800% like DF does.
  9. gecko89

    Death Stranding

    ^^ I see PsychoMantis and the lady from PT :/
  10. Half of the jokes fell flat for me, rest were good, no laugh out loud stuff though. Acceptable CG and few streamer cameos. Feels like it was targeted at the kids and teen audience specifically. Taika felt forced. One thing I did like a lot was Jodie Comer and Joe Keery's storyline.
  11. Not sure about Don's contribution to 360's success, but his choices did have a lasting impact that's still present. I feel xbox would have done even better this gen if not for the XB1 mishap.
  12. So . . Panopticon and dangalphthegrey were not these guys?!
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