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  1. The size of that Eikon 'Titan Lost' Don't think I've seen a boss that big in real-time gameplay, ever. Puts Kronos to shame.
  2. Yes, stands on its own. No other FF game knowledge needed.
  3. First set photo of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in JOKER Sequel I likey
  4. gecko89

    Resident Evil 4

    Resident Evil 4 Demake
  5. Whatever happened to the claim that Sony had acquired CMA and FTC 😅 Seems like MS has warmed the right hands at CMA, just like that senator and Brazil. Either way, looks like this sh*t is finally over. PS can at least now give a showcase date
  6. Yay, Merrin is back too
  7. gecko89

    Destiny 2

    Looks like Lance played Destiny a lot, apparently had 1400hrs and 1600hrs in D1 and D2 respectively.
  8. This is shocking, media says he died of natural causes. Isn't 60 too low to die of natural causes?!
  9. Lol, Microsoft is now announcing Sony exclusive games because they don't have any games to announce
  10. gecko89

    Resident Evil 4

    Dang, this is much better than expected. Here's hoping they remake RE5 too, loved that game, almost as much as RE4.
  11. Yeah, everyone knows that. Point is 20K for a pre-owned 'current' gen console with lower fidelity and lower performance is way too much. Infact pre-owned should be 7K, else 11K ish. That makes sense, maybe kids would be happy with that.
  12. 20K for that potato, and a pre-owned one?! f**k no.
  13. Lol, the bot jinxed it. Seems it's MS turn to cough up those internal deal documents that they're trying to hide so bad, this is gonna be fun
  14. If they're really looking for good of consumers, why don't they do a similar deal with Amazon Luna? While they're at it, get it to Mixer and Windows Phone too 😅
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