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  1. Cloud capabilities comparison picturized for everyone's convenience..
  2. PS and Nintendo Profit margins.. Xbox is missing because they don't give profit numbers, only revenue, probably still in loss.
  3. 145gigs install from data disc :/ 11gigs Day 1 patch.
  4. This is false, that account hates console exclusives and promotes piracy. Day 1 patch isn't out yet because Day 1 is tomorrow This account has issues with every console exclusive that's not releasing day 1 on PC, simply because he can't pirate it. Also hates DRM for same reason. That said, SE did release a new patch for FF7Remake which covers cleavage of 15yo Cowboy Tifa in Nibelheim.
  5. 10Billion was stock value loss, when they announced they wouldn't meet their 25Mil units sales target, I think it's 23Mil now which is still greater than entire Xbox sales this gen. Sony stock dropped similarly when MS acquired ABK, then recovered within months. https://gamerant.com/sony-stock-price-value-down-why-ps5/
  6. People thought same for FF16, then after review and launch, some had to wait a week for shops to resupply. And this ones rated much better than FF16. Same goes for Elden Ring, after the high review score, physical copies were sold out in India before release. Because of lower demand, I'm assuming shops would have imported lower number of units. After 90+ meta, more will want it day 1.
  7. Phew, so glad I pre-ordered. I suppose physical copies are gonna get sold out pretty quick in India.
  8. If HL Alyx won't come to PS, then PSVR2 will come to Steam!! And pron too
  9. Jimbo's advice to successor: After Ryan departs, Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s president and chief operating officer, will step in as interim CEO of SIE effective April 1. Ryan says he has full confidence in Totoki’s leadership and won’t second-guess Totoki and Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida’s choice as his ultimate successor. He shares one piece of advice for the new PlayStation boss, which he contends must remain the “cornerstone” for SIE: “Never forget that we’re an entertainment business. … If we continue to entertain, delight and surprise our community of gamers, I think Totoki-san and whoever follows him will be just fine.” https://variety.com/2024/gaming/news/playstation-jim-ryan-ceo-sony-1235917687/
  10. gecko89

    Helldivers 2

    Almost bought it, but away from gaming for a week, then ff7rebirth launches. So holding it off for sometime, hopefully player cap issue is fixed by the then.
  11. Not sure of low console sales is the main or only reason to go 3rd party. It's more to do with GP failing to meet targets year after year. Now, even with Core (Xbox Live Gold) sub inclusion, its still struggling at 34 Mil. All that despite spending billions on Day 1 games plus almost 100Bil on acquisitions. https://www.eurogamer.net/microsoft-misses-xbox-game-pass-growth-target-for-second-year-running
  12. This just might be another day one buy if reviews turn out to be decent to good or better. Gameplay and lore like Nier Automata, gore and challenging bosses, jiggle physics are all a win. Characters looking good and sexy, and not like they've been in a train crash like most western games is also a plus 🙈
  13. gecko89

    Helldivers 2

    All this starship trooper references coupled with hype is making me consider buying it. But there's also news of server issues with capped player count, matchmaking issues with randos etc?!
  14. Why do people even follow that fraud? According his 'sources', Xbox was slightly ahead of PS sales this gen when they're actually behind 1:2. Also said Redfall was great but it turned out buggy and unpolished turd.
  15. ESRB Rated M. Guess we're getting it without any censorship
  16. He's always been here with different alt accounts. At this point, he probably has sleeper accounts already created, one for every month, to use when one is banned or people figure out its him
  17. They've already missed GP sub projections multiple times. Today's reveal shows it has regressed despite XLG inclusion as Core. Don't think they'll breach even 50Mil with best case scenario, let alone 80Mil
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