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  1. Wow, I had no clue about this. Didn't buy any of those games physical. It's f**ked up. Either they start burning games to disk before they've gone gold or some other weird reason behind it. Do they at least advertise on the game cover saying day one patch is mandatory to play even the single player campaign ?
  2. I understand that. But, the previous post implies that if I buy a MW physical disk, I cannot stick it into a console and start playing only the Single Player Campaign. I get that the Multiplayer is unplayable without the patch or any update downloaded first, but the campaign is locked out because some patch is needed ?!? When did that happen before?
  3. That's weird?! What if someone plays with no internet connected ? Can't they play the disc they bought ?
  4. Feels like this will be either really good or really bad. Considering it is Kaufman, its probably the former.
  5. Nope, nothing of that sort Also, my biggest bummer is its incomplete, and by the number of books its based on, the show might go on for another 5 seasons I think.
  6. Gore scenes are quite rare, but when there is, its really gory. You might go an entire season with barely any gore, and then suddenly there's a kid who disassembles a human being and lays it out like puzzle pieces
  7. Why?! Because Ana De Armas that's why!! Also the songs pretty good.
  8. Godfall of War ?! Feels like a lot of elements similar to GoW. Shield with that camera angle looks quite identical. Even the level design seems similar.
  9. Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry 3 Classic . . . again from the beginning. Power cut caused firmware corruption, update wouldn't work, had to initialize :/ That's 1.5TB of games in downloads :'(
  10. Finished all 4 seasons of The Expanse. First season was good but 2-4 were the tits. I didn't even know Syfy had the moolah to do such high production value TV Shows. Maybe I'm being a little impartial because of my love for space sci fi. Also, gotta say, the Episode 'Home' from Season 2 is one of the best TV show episodes I've ever seen(IMO), right next to Lost's 'The Constant'. I hate watching TV shows that haven't ended yet, only tried it because someone here suggested it, got me hooked. Looking forward to Season 5.
  11. Tried Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout since its free(as long as you're subbed) for PS+ this month, and its freaking amazing. Some launch days issues like server connection disruption, but the game is superfun. In fact so good that the number of people playing caused the server crashes, which led to review bombing on Steam, then they had to apologize on twitter and requested to at least play it before giving a negative review. This led to people positive bombing it on Steam and the overall review is back to 'Mostly Positive'. https://www.nme.com/news/gaming-news/fall-guys-ultimate-knockout-is-being-review-bombed-after-day-one-issues-2721153 Anyway, do give this a try, played for couple of hours, won twice.
  12. gecko89

    Hyper Scape

    Releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows on August 11th.
  13. You guys (and gals if there are any here) need to check this out, best 24 minutes you'll spend today. Also check his channel 'Internet Historian', everything is topnotch and hilarious.
  14. Yeah, used to think it was a suicide and people are making things up for their own benefit. But looking at the arguments being brought up and how Rhea is part of those arguments, I'm not sure anymore. Maybe there is something big behind all this :/
  15. Lol, that's the one I was thinking of. Arrr . . . The high seas like @adity said. Oh yeah, watching season 4 I thought the same, they could have pulled for more seasons if they wished. That said I'm glad it ended the way it did, neat and tidy closure.
  16. Finished all 4 seasons of Mr. Robot. Loved it, especially the last 2 seasons. Hacking scenes looked genuine, unlike most TV shows where the smartass pulls the monitor power cord to stop some ongoing hack.
  17. Completed RE7 and Erica. Started Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry 5 Classic Edition.
  18. Ever since they announced PS+ games, I've been watching gameplay of it and it looks so much fun. Steam shows this as 529 INR, surprised they're giving it away for free with PS+ on launch.
  19. The title maybe a bit misleading but he also speaks of few rumors about Sonys August event and their supposed road map. He also says God of war 5 will be showcased and it will be almost photo realistic. And that there's another exclusive that'll be shown, which is a revival of an old iconic Playstation IP. I'm guessing it's Siphon Filter, I read somewhere Bend might be working on it.
  20. And there's a sequel coming this year on Netflix. And the whole cast is coming back, no idea how but considering the premise I'm sure they'll come up with some weird explanation
  21. The lead actress is in a bikini for like 10 seconds. That's a far as nudity goes. But lots of blood and gore.
  22. The Babysitter on Netflix. Pretty good slasher comedy. I'll be honest, I watched it for Samara Weaving.
  23. Platted RE7. Madhouse difficulty was quite fun. Currently playing 'Not a Hero' DLC (it's free), Chris Redfield looks so weird
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