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  1. Better than no confirmation. If you manage to get an order through on Flipkart over the next 3 weeks, you can always cancel the amazon order or re-route to anyone here who needs it. Congrats
  2. I placed order on Flipkart App at 12PM, was the first to confirm online order. Congrats Now starts the 3 week wait . .
  3. You still have weeks to try and get from Flipkart, and cancel order from Amazon. And if you don't you have Amazon order to keep. Better than no confirmed order I'd say
  4. Amazon still in stock, but OOS for my location(bangalore).
  5. Amazon still shows stock after a minute or so, probably proper preorder window this time.
  6. I still think its not bots, probably demand outstripping supply or low stock to begin with. or maybe I'm just naïve :/
  7. Order went through on Flipkart app, delivery 4th Feb.
  8. Did you use your PC or phone? I don't have a mouse so went with the phone app to avoid any split second delays.
  9. Will there be a fresh listing on FK or can we just refresh the current one that says Coming Soon ?
  10. That reminds me, didn't Sony India say early buyers will get some gift?! Or did I dream that?
  11. Its like mass storage connected to network. I didn't know about it either, came across them when researching plex. People with a massive library of movies/tv shows/any media content store them in NAS and access from a plex client app. That's one use, might have other uses I'm not aware of.
  12. Ohh, my bad. Even if that turns out to be true, it'll be twice the price it is now.
  13. Was checking Pulse 3D stock on Play-Asia (Its OOS btw) and there was a listing for announced 2TB PS5 :/ https://www.play-asia.com/playstation-5-2tb/13/70djw7?referrer=emrs_empersonal
  14. That title though the seller really couldn't make up his mind.
  15. Yes, along with media remote. Pulse headset, camera and charging station are delayed. Yeah, that's odd.
  16. Flipkart listing for Pulse 3D is also up, even though its not up for pre-order tomorrow. Says 'Comin Soon' for now.
  17. Shame they're not launching the SM Ultimate edition here along with the PS5. Would have bought that day 1.
  18. gecko89


    Same here, more clips I watch more I'm intrigued. Its not just fast camera and crosshair movement but the character too. FPS - Fast person Shooter
  19. Yeah, they rejected my application. Needed a cashback card immediately for a 4K TV, so applied for FK Axis, they approved and provided card within days.
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