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  1. Yoshida is the same guy responsible for Souls games not being PS exclusive. At the same time he's done wonders for other titles and projects for PS. Add to that he doesnt have a history of lying. Meanwhile, Phil lies through his a*s everyday and ya'll lap it up and worship him like he's the next coming of gaming prophet. Finally Xbox first party starts coming to PS and suddenly xthots thrown him under the bus
  2. Yep, they'll pull the same move as Housemarque I think. Also, considering how closely they've been working with ShiftUp for Stellar Blade, wouldn't be surprised if that's picked up too if games does well. Arrowhead is a sure thing imo, PS were in dire need of a good shooter and Arrowhead delivered.
  3. And you don't take him seriously anymore? Your savior and Asli gamer? Felll from grace already His statements are inconvinient now so he's no longer your hero. Besides, nobody cares what you have to say about what's first and what's third party. PS owns the HD IP, and the published it as well, it's first party.
  4. Pretty good watch, goes through PS dominance from 1 to 5 and beyond.
  5. This game will be difficult to plat...with one hand
  6. After finally seeing some profit, MS will force Xbox to get other exclusives to PS. We're watching Xbox hardware dying... Live. It's time for Satya to take Xbox hardware to some gully, point a double barrel shot gun at its head(like he did windows phone) and pull the trigger
  7. This is good. Was only concerned about gameplay, everything else I was already sold on. Sony/Shift Up not backing down on their artistic choices is like a cherry on top
  8. I'm guessing there'll be a very simple answer to this question.. Or she's just a strong independent woman and no vaccum can stop her from breathing.
  9. If believing that helps you sleep better at night, I won't argue, Sleep well little xthot
  10. Xbox cannot be saved anymore, at least not the hardware side of it. Majority of the ones who remain are used to getting games with no extra cost through gamepass, Phila and MS encouraged it. This will only get worse with upcoming all digital console update. First party will barely have any sales leading for releases on PS and/or Nintendo, third party games will be abysmal like Hogwarts Legacy. PS and Nintendo will hold their position with exclusives you can't get on other consoles. For PS this is just another Tuesday, another one bites the dust.
  11. Remake released to over 100Mil PS userbase. Rebirth released to about 55Mil PS userbase.
  12. I'd add watching summary of FF crisis core (or playing the crisis core remake if possible), that story is common to old Ff7 and the new trilogy. Introduces a lot of characters we see in FF7 games.
  13. Cloud capabilities comparison picturized for everyone's convenience..
  14. PS and Nintendo Profit margins.. Xbox is missing because they don't give profit numbers, only revenue, probably still in loss.
  15. 145gigs install from data disc :/ 11gigs Day 1 patch.
  16. This is false, that account hates console exclusives and promotes piracy. Day 1 patch isn't out yet because Day 1 is tomorrow This account has issues with every console exclusive that's not releasing day 1 on PC, simply because he can't pirate it. Also hates DRM for same reason. That said, SE did release a new patch for FF7Remake which covers cleavage of 15yo Cowboy Tifa in Nibelheim.
  17. 10Billion was stock value loss, when they announced they wouldn't meet their 25Mil units sales target, I think it's 23Mil now which is still greater than entire Xbox sales this gen. Sony stock dropped similarly when MS acquired ABK, then recovered within months. https://gamerant.com/sony-stock-price-value-down-why-ps5/
  18. People thought same for FF16, then after review and launch, some had to wait a week for shops to resupply. And this ones rated much better than FF16. Same goes for Elden Ring, after the high review score, physical copies were sold out in India before release. Because of lower demand, I'm assuming shops would have imported lower number of units. After 90+ meta, more will want it day 1.
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