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  1. Ohh no, you're not going anywhere. And I did respond, as below. What I meant when I said when I responded to RV, and why. But noooo, someone had go 'I have other life unlike other fanf**ks' etc., despite taking time off to post here, a*s.
  2. Then why'd you quote me in the first place? πŸ˜… I never said it's not in development for xbox. Xbots along with Jizz blamed Sony that they're blocking the game from coming to Xbox. Devs had to come out and confirm they don't have any console exclusivity. It's the devs who said they have technical issues with co-op in xbox consoles. And it was Jizz who suggested the issue could be with Series S. I just pointed out that MS does not allow games to be released in only one of their 2 current gen consoles. I wasn't wrong, so again not sure why you quoted me. As for technical difficulties, what other AAA multiplat game launch information was withheld on one of the 2 consoles because they faced technical difficulties while developing for it?! Lastly, why does your a*s hurt when someone responds to you quoting that person? You f**k around, you find out, you don't have to respond, just leave it be. You can still leave this be, I'm a busy person too, but if you do respond, I'll find time just for you
  3. Adios my a*s πŸ˜… You cared just enough to reply once? πŸ˜‚
  4. The devs clarified on reddit that they are facing technical difficulties with the xbox versions, and it's particularly to do with split screen co-op. Even MS mouthpiece Jizz Corden suggested it could be because of the Series S and MS won't allow devs to release on only Series X.
  5. Not sure what ya'll are on Finished fallen order recently, and I think survivor looks much much better. Big increase in detail and movement seems more fluid.
  6. gecko89


    No, you defeat the boss of a biome once and you get shortcut to goto next biome without facing them. But you can find them in the same spot of you wish to fight them again.
  7. Jeez, did they even test this. How does this pass QA?! Seems like they slapped trophies to it and pushed it to the store πŸ˜…
  8. If this is true, they could still easily port it to Xbox. But MS has some policy that if studios make a game for current gen Xbox, it must be on both XSX and XSS, else not at all.
  9. Eh?! Yes that was supposed to be joke. Or were you looking forward to dip baby rose in tomato sauce like a giant breadstick?! πŸ˜…
  10. gecko89

    Resident Evil 4

    We've already had couple of RE remakes. Of all the remakes this year, SH looks quite interesting, quite old game and I'm ready to get my heart broken again at the end πŸ˜…. Hopefully Bloober team won't disappoint.
  11. PS should just provide out of the box support for PC, that way no tinkering needed, warranty remains valid. Besides considering the price and spec, think it would sell like hotcakes.
  12. Gotham knights is set in a wholly separate universe from earlier Arkham games. Arkham Knight does not show him dying/dead and we see a post credit scene suggesting Bruce is alive if you 100% the game. Rest I agree, most of it seemed meh.
  13. Like how BF2042 is available for everyone, and essential means it won't leave your library eventually like extra/premium. Also, haven't started this month's games yet and they've added 3 more I want to play for next month - Tchia, Ghostwire, and Fenyx Rising. P.S. Ghostwire is an excellent first person view game for VR port imo. PS should make a deal with MS/Tango for the development
  14. You are the last person who should be asking whether anyone has played the game. Everytime a PS Exclusive releases, you watch its gameplay on YouTube and then go on the game thread to sh*t on it. At least radical is sticking to PvX thread.
  15. This is some triple entendre stuff Look down and his is hard, Look up and he's literally hard, If she wasn't Medusa, it would still be quite hard to not look at that plunging neckline
  16. If we are salty, then ya'll are just as salty and I'm fine with that πŸ˜… As for business move (this I can agree with instead of that coke fueled 'underdog' doing good for consumers argument) , same applies to Sony's decision to fight back, a business move
  17. Ok, that's fair assessment I think. However, with studios, MS can effectively keep buying until there aren't competitors left thanks to.... It's spending power. Both Sony and MS had their shot, arguably on equal footing from PS360 Era. That was followed by one making horrible decisions and the other right, both helped Sony. The state MS gaming is in is consequences to their own decisions, Sony cannot compete against a trillion dollar company when it comes to buying studios/publishers, so is it really that hard to believe they're fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their position? Remember, Xbox can fail another 2 generations and MS will be fine. PS brings Sonys highest revenue if I'm not mistaken, they lose one generation and Sony is brought to it's knees.
  18. And who stopped MS from making those games timed exclusives for longer? They have no shortage of money that's for sure, Sony spending power is miniscule compared to MS. What non first party games are permanent exclusives? If you're gonna say Spidey, you should question Marvel and also MS why they rejected Marvel's offer.
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