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  1. IamSun

    Sea of Thieves

  2. IamSun

    God of War

    Pretty sure this is from the opening
  3. IamSun


    Gameplay at last. Needs to be seen more. Not sold yet. Come on Evo.
  4. IamSun

    God of War

    All previews praised this. Take a bow SSM And people saying there is no gone gold message yet so could be delayed
  5. IamSun


    Upload a video once you kill. I highly doubt you would be able to kill him if you are facing him for the first time mujhe toh 2-3 din lg gye the.
  6. IamSun


    Are bhai. You don't need to kill the wolves at all. You can directly reach Cleric Beast. Farm for health in the town and run straight through. A shortcut also is there which will bring you after the Wolves.
  7. IamSun


    What No? Its a Yes. He has to start again. You can't start from where you left off.
  8. IamSun


    Ab clear krlega tum. Dont forget the music box for Father Gasoline A surprise in sewers awaits you
  9. IamSun

    God of War

    One Arsene Wenger I heard sevilla is a good Holiday destination.Are you going?
  10. IamSun

    God of War

    I am Sun. Ab pappi dunga tabhi manega kya tu.
  11. IamSun

    God of War

    I don't think its Thor now. My guess is its either Heimdal or Tyr. Best Analysis yet. No Story Spoilers. Everyone is basically asking the same question, is there any other weapon than Axe. Surely has to be with the Skill Tree and all.
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