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  1. RT @shunya1718: The Last Skype (The Dark Side Of The Moon Book 1) @arorashubham #review I'm new for Short Story League, but without doubt…

  2. @ravihanda Been using if for the last year or so. Very handy for OTPs as well. Microsoft makes decent Android apps!

  3. You might enjoy reading 'फ़िल्टर कॉफ़ी' by Shubham Arora on Juggernaut Books https://t.co/RcSkFFefns

  4. @shobhitic @ravihanda Carry is the biggest. goldyhindigaming is decent as well. PUBG is the staple diet for everyone.

  5. RT @cricketcomau: Meet the newest member of the Australian Test team: https://t.co/vmcqkK0tqE @MakeAWishAust | #AUSvIND https://t.co/0EMB…

  6. RT @AkankshaHazari: 2nights ago, Dec 10 night, bet 11-2am I was harassed & nearly assaulted on an @Olacabs ride from Bangalore Airport>City…

  7. @ravihanda They like you! https://t.co/IqQrVDtU5c

  8. RT @joe_hill: You want to know what will make you feel really good? Go hit Goodreads and give a book you love five stars. Doesn't have to b…

  9. @ShootyDoody @muttofcourse 😎 https://t.co/cCJ8Minohz

  10. RT @MunjalVaibhav: Hello Twitter people. I made a new short film. It's about a group therapy session for social media addicts, where people…

  11. I know it's just a relative rank and the fact that it's a new release helped it. But it's in Top 100 of some catego… https://t.co/3mSkBfGMcz

  12. RT @FortniteGame: @elonmusk A whole decade, @elonmusk? Just build, LOL! https://t.co/BkBlpzFI6v

  13. @durjoydatta Loved 'The Perfect Us'. Perhaps, I could relate more because of how things change once you are almost… https://t.co/TD5Mi1hxwm

  14. @isaumyakaushik I find Arial to be the most appropriate when I have to do serious writing.

  15. @Dilliwasi @airindiain Only domestic flight that allows dogs and cats!