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  1. PoeToaster

    Destiny 2

    Any Indian clans available for me to join? I'm a good pvp/trials player. Done the raid too in d2
  2. Yeah. I was surprised actually when i came here to look for other player to team up. Didn't find one so made one by myself. GUYS GET THIS GAME!!!
  3. It is available on Steam and works very well with latest updates being pushed out regularly.
  4. PoeToaster

    Battlefield 1

    any players from hyderabad playing on pc?
  5. PoeToaster

    Titanfall 2

    any players from hyderabad on pc?
  6. PoeToaster

    Titanfall 2

    awesome. i bought this on steam. but i'll hit you up on PSN i still have to download this on my PC but its such a huge download. looking for someone to copy the game from.
  7. PoeToaster

    Battlefield 1

    anyone from hyderabad? looking for some players
  8. PoeToaster

    Titanfall 2

    anyone from Hyderabad on here?
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