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  1. They will. PS+ is an example. Multiplayer was free on PS3.
  2. They are the OG. Xbox live gold is their invention. They seemed to show care when they were down. Now, they are getting up but before that only they showed their "fangs."
  3. Come on Microsoft. You couldn't be that stupid. You had so much going for you and you do this. There is no question of Xbox series for me now. I was comparing Xbox game with gold with PS+ games last year. I have not added more than 4-5 games from Xbox to my library whereas, PS+ gives AAA after AAA every month.
  4. Single game quick resume worked very poorly on one x compared to ps4 pro. So, they have still not resolved those issues. PS4 never failed me, Xbox one x was 50-50 so I stopped using it.
  5. I think it is better to buy a new video card.
  6. Keyboards are especially vulnerable to interference. I don't know why but they are the most finicky of my wireless devices. Try using a USB extender to bring the receiver as close to your keyboard and as far away from other wireless devices as possible.
  7. I am pretty sure that Halo is more popular even today compared to Killzone at its peak. I don't think they are comparable in any way. There is no way Halo is dying. Halo is MS's Mario.
  8. Location of the warehouse with respect to your location where the TV is stocked. Moreover, Amazon and flipkart give conservative estimates so that they don't get complaints. They are no longer wishing to deliver it as fast as possible. They are just interested in meeting the "deadline" which is conveniently going from 2 days to 7-10 days for most products.
  9. codwapeace

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I think you are done with your "quota". They do a one time refund for everyone and then out of luck after that. It is a really poor policy since how easy it is for anyone to purchase on a console by mistake. I think it is quite intentional. But, I was more referring to refund for physical copies in my original comment.
  10. codwapeace

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I don't think so. How difficult it is to get a refund in a country like India, everyone knows.
  11. ^Anyone? @Joe Cool @AtheK @Assassins Creed Have the email notifications for private messages and subscribed threads been removed from the website?
  12. Why is email option for new personal messages not available anymore?
  13. Approximately 1.5 lakh people die in road crashes in India each year, on average 400 people lose their lives every day on the roads. If we really wanted, we could make a change today and could reduce this number by quite a lot. I used to think that it is really difficult, but the way govt. has been able to control the people in this crisis time, I am pretty sure that they could do it on the road during non-crisis time understanding the severity of road accidents. Corona will go after some time, but roads will stay and driving will stay. We should instead focus on improving the situation that affects us everyday. It is not as bad as it sounds. Every single day of every week of every month of every year 400 people in India (official figure) lose their lives to road accidents. Every single day. It is mind boggling, why people and govt. does not make a bigger deal out of it. I am very sure Corona has helped reduce the number of road accident deaths in India. (probably 90%). So, it has saved at least 3600 lives till today (360 lives/day*10days of lockdown). It has helped clean the environment and made us believe that we can live life without running all the time in maddening traffic. It is so quite and peaceful now a days. Enjoy it. I am pretty sure that we will never see it in our life again. 24 hour news channels are the biggest cause of creating fear in the minds of people. Sex sells. Fear sells 100 (or even 1000) times more than sex. Don't be a customer of the fear of these news channels. Our immune system becomes weak if we are stressed. So, if in the off chance that you catch the virus (or any other ailment for that matter), it would be best to be in a stressfree mode to enable the body to have the best chance of fighting the disease.
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