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  1. 1 hour ago, ZooZoo said:

    So my scampass penultimate is finally getting over. Anyway to get it for cheap again or it's 699 per month going forward. Is there a way I can buy it for 12 months or so? I've already used the 39 months wala deal so that won't work for me.

    Other then the master account on your Xbox, create a new account and buy the GamePass for 59rs per month / 59rs for 3 month (depending on the offer). Once done play the games on your master account.


    Couple of downside to this 

    1) Every month you will have to create new account.

    2) Just make sure to turn off recurring payment on the new account immediately, or else end of month you will be charged full amount.

    3) Won't be able to play games in offline state on the master account.


    I have been doing this for an year now, since i bought the Xbox Series X and no issues so far. Just need to take some monthly efforts of creating new account but better than pirating games and when you get the right offer like 800rs for 8 month (which is currently active on my master account, till June) buy that on master account.



  2. So, went through all the 10 pages....overall I feel

    1) It's one crazy deal (70 f**king billion dollars) :panic:

    2) Sony needs to get out its own Gamepass asap (probably with Day 1 exclusive title access)

    3) Good that, I changed sides this generation and went with Xbox Series X. I no longer need to worry about buying games.

    4) Who's next on must buy list? Ubisoft, EA, Take Two?

    5) If MS is prepping for Metaverse.....what VR/AR/MR/XR devices are they relying on.......Holo Lens :scratchchin:?


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  3. 1 minute ago, WhiteWolf said:

    All big gaming subscription under Xbox is a good thing for those who interested in these services. You can manage all services from Xbox instead of creating separate accounts 

    Agree! I do the same for streaming services.

    I got Amazon Prime as my primary streaming service, through that I bought the Discovery+ service too.

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