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  1. Well! well!...looking forward to it. If Hollywood can do it, so can bollywood
  2. And Maharashtra to reopen schools from 1st STD - 7th STD
  3. Completed Sniper Elite 4 and loved it, looking forward to Sniper Elite 5 without spending 5k......all thanks to Day 1 GamePass launch.
  4. Director's Cut of what? Spiderman No Way Home?
  5. Making me feel guilty and tensed at the same time....mine is a early morning 7:30am show, hope so there is not enough crowd. In the past, I did go for Eternals (alone) and Sooryavanshi (with my family)....we did follow all the protocols (mask, sanitizer, etc). Last week went to Barbecue Nation as well....so far, so good. I think taking vaccines and post that following COVID protocols is the key.
  6. btw...this is next level 5:00 am show...:O My friend says it was same for Avengers too, so looks like the hype for Spiderman is at Avengers level.
  7. Time for Spiderman....hope I am not disapointed. 226 bucks for early morning show.
  8. The Matrix Awakens (Unreal Engine 5 Demo) Looking good...to be honest the demo is glorified version of Virtual Cop but it delivers the message.....Unreal Engine 5 is the real deal.
  9. True, having hard time convincing my family for this, they say first get permanent WFH and then we can do this (which is not happening for me unfortunately)
  10. My 3yrs old Kiddo will be joining school from next year onwards, currently filling out forms and all. While doing so, I came around this https://www.21kschool.com/ Total fees comes around 50 - 60k per year Anyone here has any idea about this?
  11. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento FE in drag race action
  12. Ohk, I get it...you are missing the old arcade fun from NFS games. But with huge success of Forza Horizon 5 i.e. 10 million players in a week, you never know...future NFS might take the same route too. Enways, let's play what we enjoy the most
  13. Completed Goliath Race and got Lamborghini Sesto Elemento FE in Wheelspin.
  14. Monster Truck Showcase event. Enjoyed it, I am sure my Kiddo is gonna love it At the end of event, you get to drive the Monster Truck too.
  15. lol.....says Yes to everything..haha
  16. This kid explains things...way much better than other Youtubers.
  17. Getting ticket on Book My Show for Endgame was nightmare, due to heay load on their servers to book ticket. I had to personally go to box office, to book the ticket. I am sure, same is gonna happen for No Way Home.
  18. Will be an experience in theatres......one that will be very close to Avengers Endgame. First Day show for sure. Same as Endgame, I will have to book tickets at actual window...cant rely on Book My Show.
  19. My Friend Pedro is one awesome game.....do try it out.
  20. WFH finally ending for me ......got a mandate to resume Work From Office from 3rd Jan 2022.
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