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  1. I vouch for Dubai infact entire UAE or Middle East..... perfect setting for different kind of car enthusiasts.
  2. Thank you GamePass for saving my money....Back to FarCry 6 and Forza Horizon 5.
  3. yup, crazy improvement on both VC and SA........to compare with I can only recall the PS2 versions.
  4. Yup, you are right....I was wrong. I thought that region/time zone change triggered the update. None the less, just close to 24hrs remaining to relive GTA San Andreas.
  5. GTA San Andreas still says 'You are too early'...lol......will try again after an hour.
  6. Set my account to New Zealand time zone and its updating. GamePass has so f**king spoiled me ......I have Forza Horizon 5 and now GTA San Andreas to play, without actually buying them.
  7. Some raw gameplay screenshots from my session...loving it so far Deleted the saves and playing the FTUE again.
  8. I too just uninstalled FH4......countdown begins for FH5. Mexico here i come, looking forward to the FTUE events and Showcase events.
  9. and I thought having no internet browser on PS5 will avoid getting it hacked.
  10. I am travelling.... Is the game available on GamePass now?
  11. Lol..I thought San Andreas on Game Pass is fake news but good to know, it's not. I am fine with San Andreas too....Vice City should be added in sometime or else will buy during sale.
  12. https://xbdeals.net/in-store/game/840237/grand-theft-auto-the-trilogy-the-definitive-edition Digital price is 4k......i am a bit tempted to get it but I also have FC6 to complete, also will be engaged with Forza Horizon 5 in November.
  13. If, I get it....I will just be f**king around in Vice City
  14. lol.....i intentionally did not take names.
  15. Ohh yeah, completely forget about the cost of RT-PCR test. Also yeah checked the Emirates ticket price it's is around 70k for a economy round trip ticket (this is until end of Jan).....same ticket for the month of Feb is coming for 25k. Btw...all Emirates ticket comes with a complimentary Dubai Expo one day pass. With this, we will mostly try to go locally or save up for Dubai trip in Feb.
  16. My family (5 adults + 1 toddler) is planning a trip to Dubai during Dec end - Jan. We all are double vaccinated except the toddler. In terms of Covid precautions what shoud I look forward to... 1) Negative RT-PCR? 2) Qurantine upon landing? anything else?
  17. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    btw.....FarCry 6 ending.....read it at your own discretion.
  18. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    Yeah, used this vehicle.....thats a great timepass vehicle....I use this or Avispa Buzzer. https://www.pcgamer.com/far-cry-6s-best-vehicle-is-whatever-the-heck-this-thing-is/
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