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  1. wow are they really looking for 60$.....I thought 30$ would be enough for such old games.
  2. https://www.news18.com/news/india/people-throwing-luggage-chaos-everywhere-heavy-navratri-rush-turns-mumbai-airport-into-panic-box-4299317.html Not looking good!!!
  3. Nice! Let's hope they sell them as standalone titles as well.
  4. Animus

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Its happening....I hope they sell stand alone games.....interested in buying GTA Vice City or else have to go with the bundle.
  5. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    no crafting this time around!, everything is linked to the gear unlock and what you wear.
  6. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    yup, lets hope XSX handles it well....so far going good, no issues as such.
  7. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    Time to download the 26gb HD texture pack
  8. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    haha...that reason to be honest FC3 is were it all started......so that needs to be experienced for sure.....rest all games in the series are built/improvised on that foundation.
  9. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    as always, not disappointed!
  10. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    dont think theres any gfx modes on Xbox Series X atleast, should be same on PS5......no idea about Series S
  11. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    So, the 27gb update was done in an hour and I was in the game at 12:20am. Some screenshots! Quick observations/improvements + Overall sound, especially weapons sound...just top notch. + No need to manually loot the bodies, just walk over them and grab the loot. So, far enjoying the game, its usual FarCry with the expected improvements
  12. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    wow wow A 27gb update before I enter Yara.
  13. This is absolutely true... Where's POP, Splinter Cell, Rayman
  14. Animus

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah, I still believe it will hit GamePass sometime, another 6 month maybe. But, no bet with me.
  15. Playing the game, just for the sake of it. Apart from the A day intro, not connecting much with the game....feels like a chore playing the game. Currently, unlocked the HARM room and looking out for Tony Stark. The fight with Abomination was also meh!
  16. Played till the Heli Carrier blowing off thing (believe that's the intro of the game). So far liking it.
  17. Animus

    Far Cry 6

    Time to liberate Yara
  18. All set and ready for pre-load. Will try to finish Avengers before I start off with Far Cry 6. November is reserved for Forza Horizon 5.
  19. https://www.tweaktown.com/news/81659/cheaper-500gb-xbox-series-ssd-expansion-cards-possibly-coming/index.html Cheaper 500GB Xbox Series X SSD expansion cards possibly coming Seagate may release new cheaper 500GB SSD expansion cards for the Xbox Series X/S consoles to boost game storage capacity.
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