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  1. I did saw the same link going for 36740 , wish they can do that again lol. Just waiting for that.
  2. these both are imports. without flipkart assured and have been reported by many buyers, even in amazon it's the same story. Only one with sony india warranty is this one https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07YBTK8YH/?coliid=IRCY93U3YH8F9&colid=1W2IY288A9QE0&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it which seems a bit costly.
  3. can't follow your link, can you post again , it's not redirecting. Btw I am looking to buy PS4 PRO (With controller, games etc though nt interested in games or controllers, one controller is enough) with a good deal.
  4. I do however see discount in this product. https://www.flipkart.com/preethi-dripcafe-cm-208-6-cups-coffee-maker/p/itmdpnt8pphycxfn?pid=CMKDPNT7ZYDYZJJC&lid=LSTCMKDPNT7ZYDYZJJCEKFXK9&marketplace=FLIPKART&srno=b_1_8&otracker=hp_omu_Top%2BOffer_2_2.dealCard.OMU_QQ9NN2YV0J4Y_2&otracker1=hp_omu_PINNED_neo%2Fmerchandising_Top%2BOffer_NA_dealCard_cc_2_NA_view-all_2&fm=neo%2Fmerchandising&iid=f0a56a4b-fb7d-4607-b190-6d3ac2a62eb0.CMKDPNT7ZYDYZJJC.SEARCH&ppt=browse&ppn=browse&ssid=68e8nmnjeo0000001569780756621
  5. check this. there is no offer for 10% till 2k on either controller or ps4 pro. check this.
  6. Check images below, clearly says wat I am talking abt. In amazon I never sais min trxn amount is 40k, but in flipkart it is.
  7. That's what I am saying. No discount below any orders of 40k. If I want to purchase ps4 pro with controller , it costs let's say 37k listed price. when I check out, I don't get any disc on any axis or icici card. same with controller, no discount as u said.
  8. don't knw abt other offers but gamepad , iciic offr is not applicable as min cart value shd be 40k.
  9. Deals for ps4 pro? been using slim for quite a while, time for uograde, too tired to wait for ps5
  10. Ofcourse, but I expect experience with picture quality , sound and all to be atleast 3 times better than what I used to have (mitv 43)
  11. why will I pay 73k for LED tv Damn, u r making me worried now lol
  12. Not sure why I would need Local dimming. Will it affect my gameplay? I play mostly FIFA and Use my TV for OTT Apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, Prime video and sometimes VLC for local files playing.
  13. https://www.flipkart.com/samsung-frame-138cm-55-inch-ultra-hd-4k-qled-smart-tv/p/itmfga98hdvdhutc?pid=TVSFGA98TEJ65HKB&lid=LSTTVSFGA98TEJ65HKB6PUPC5 how is this for PS4 gaming? bought it specially for 120hz refresh rate. got it for 73k My old mitv 43 60hz sucks bawls. Lags in FIFA 18.
  14. sourav100192

    FIFA 18

    Hey, has anyone got "miTV 4a 43" and has played FIFA 18 online season or cups mode? I am curious how is the performance or lag as I have bought 43" yesterday and it should be delivered tomorrow, but I'm guessing installation will be done day after tomorrow as slots are not there.
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