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  1. PS Store’s Holiday Sale: 5 Weeks of Savings https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/12/12/ps-stores-holiday-sale-5-weeks-of-savings/
  2. Just bought this game. PSN ID: rahulnever2far_
  3. rahulnever2far

    Injustice 2

    So Atom is basically Antman? Who copied - DC or marvel? I liked his gameplay. Can't wait for the gamplay video of Turtles.
  4. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Amazing single-player campaign. Haven't tried multiplayer as yet. Rocket League - So much fun in local and online multiplayer!
  5. After waiting for a Flash Sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I finally bought on the following games Rocket League: Game of the Year Edition Horizon Zero Dawn Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Grand Theft Auto V Battlefield™ 1 & Titanfall® 2 Ultimate Bundle Need for Speed™ Rivals: Complete Edition After buying them, I realized that I got 290 GB to download and I have 180 GB space left in my PS4 I really wanted to get my hands on Bloodborne and Uncharted 4, but they aren't on sale in US PSN. Hopefully, they will be on sale around Christmas
  6. It's an awesome deal. Go for it [emoji106]
  7. Surprisingly, this time Indian PSN indeed has better deals than the US one. I was hoping there would some sort of Flash Sale in US PSN but that didn't happen. It is bummer because I just bought PS4 and I'm trying to flesh out my Library with basic titles such as Bloodborne, GTA V, Uncharted 4, etc.
  8. There might be a flash sale on Black Friday like last year.
  9. I think I will buy both - Rivals this week and Payback around Christmas.
  10. Who is Zodak? I see references to him all over the forum
  11. I recently bought PS4 and looking the best arcade racing game right now. My mind was pretty much made up for Payback. I was even gonna pick it up on the launch date. But after watching the reviews, I'm in a dilemma. I think I may go for Rivals instead because I've played it. Payback: I'm not sure why it got such bad reviews. Reviewers are trashing it for MT and a cheesy storyline. They don't talk much about anything else. I can live with the grinding and bad cutscenes (if they are skippable) as long as the gameplay is enjoyable. Rivals: It's got great reviews. Plus, it's much cheaper than Payback. I don't see any downside. If we leave out MT and bad acting from Payback, which game offers a better experience Payback or Rivals? Or is there any other arcade racing game I should go for?
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