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  1. I also wanted Liv 2 win, Beck Hogan They should hang cage above ring and someone free him to have him, can't recall what's that match type tho
  2. nXt gonna kill RAW n SD unless they got sumting on their own butt, erriting is under nipple H, maybe they'll kill AEW
  3. It was a much needed change, nibble h knows wht he's doin' Aye aye Cpt.
  4. Look at the twitch of his leg when he falls down, that looked weird af
  5. Yaha pe tou nahi hain, but hillstation ka pata nahi, mera gaav mein gardi natthi...but doon is
  6. Nothing new, they do this periodically. With all these cuts n sh!ts, i want unique sets for raw sd n ple's, if they dont do diz, they can suk nah bawlz
  7. Haven't played the dlc, butt looking at the Tyr vid, i sense a new weapon for Kratos Blades of Tyr?
  8. Its chilled af in Dehradun, Mussoorie is at 21
  9. read something about Wyatt 6, butt I don't know what it is, SH!T just got real Man, hearing that music post Bray, that gave an instant adrenaline boost, bc, sote sote dekhra tha, woh Fiend kaisa pump hoke uth ta hain, exactly waise uth k turant furant mere dost ko video call lagaya, man, we are the biggest Fiend fans......Let Him In beeches
  10. Did any1 caught that during the Nipple H entrance something's coming and its related to Bray/Fiend Appears just after nipple h hugs dat lil'a*s kid and proceeds towards the ring, when he's nearby them steel steps to climb his a$$ up, that music, that scribbling music, i marked tf out guys full goosebumps bc, that was out of nowhere and unexpected here's the link which the qr leads to Fk Ya Don't know what it is, but whatever it is, bring it on
  11. Better than yo's beech That self realisation is yet to be realised, will let u knw 1nce i find out tho
  12. WWE WM 40 Night 2 Roman Reigns Entrance, it is Perfection. Absolute visual master piece, followed by epic commentary, this entrance just nailed it.
  13. sheet....but she could have done what Austin did, no wrestling, just promos n stuff while still being the champion, could've done, didn't want her title run to end, could've racked up some number on it, cuz she's very well deserving cuz Mami's always on TOP
  14. ya Main Event was the only good thing about RAW, which was otherwise piss poor, despite Cody crybaby being in there (that Gable heel turn was seen way before, too much predictability there, but getting supplexed in front of wife ) Rhea vacating the title is the worst decision they done main event yeet-ster was good, but wahi, sirf yeet yeet karke nikal gaya cody cry baby came, cried in the ring, n left new tag titles on RAW, named World Tag Team Champions which also had #1 contenders match to face the chumps also, Sheamus is back this a 2nd str8 poor @$$ RAW after Mania, where mah Cody Crybabies at no RAW intro, no intro Pyro, no good back segments (Priest felt as if n!gga's barking orders, when Mami was talking, she felt like ya, she's in power). The only good spot in the entire RAW was, when the YEET master heads out back from the crowd and reaches Sami Zayn and then Zayn comes in from the crowd, that camera work was good af.
  15. Dat bald stoopid gun of a ship. He was also teasing, sum1 left a gift at back of my truck, and shows gift as his fav beer ka crate, aisa kutch video dala takle ne, but, No Show. Woh aa jata, maza hi alag ata.
  16. getting a lot of Wyatt 6 teases, like, i don't know what's that, but it's gotta do sumthin' to with Uncle Howdy. Jade Cargill New SD set looks cool, don't know if it's makeshift set post Mania, or it'll be it, iDunno, but it looks simple and noice (for reference, see AJ Styles entrance, looks dope) and WTF, they really selling those many seats? the arena looks jammed
  17. Still ain't no Cody Crybaby fan, but n!gga has came a long way, gotta hand cr. where credits due, American Nightmare/Crybaby would be my pick. But, gotta say, he carried all those BS gimmicks n didn't ever show once on TV that he was fed up with his character
  18. It was Roman vs Cody for the title, not The Rock vs Roman/Cody for the title, it was about finishing Romans story(a Tribal Chief Era), it was about finishing Cody's story(his and lossib8his dad's WM dream), which they did brilliantly. Thats long term story telling at its finest, and since Austin had zero role in any one of their story's, hence the bald @$$ didn't show up, but i still wanted him to show up and beat the sh!t outta Rock, for fun times This is what i envisioned: The spot where taker comes, instead, Austin comes out, does an epic Austin vs Rock face off and then stuns him, proceeds to stun all the heels. Now, here every1 is like, ok, he here to help Cody, but wth, its the rattlesnake ffs! He gives Cody a can and a toast and just when he is slurping down, bam, stunner, proceeds to stun every living being in and around the ring. Does his classic midfing pose at the top with beer pouring everywhere, and just when he gets down the turnbuckle, we see a wobbly Rock getting up, Austin mocks from behind, and bam, another stunner and leaves. Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave
  19. Read in comments on wwe vid abt Taker N!gga said, this was about giving an end to storylines, and burrying the past demons, which includes Taker too as they have had matches before, which is why Taker and rest of the peepz who were directly connected to Roman showed up, which is also why Roman chose to hit Rollins as a revenge for all these years. Coincidentally, Codys story was coming full circle, which intertwined with Romans, perfect timing. Aisa sab likha tha bhai ussmein, since Roman and SCSA had no connection, hence no SCSA.
  20. The Rock segment was dull bruh Yup, let's see how WWE performs with Cody Rhodes (cody crybabies ) It's late now to bring back SCSA, it should've happened at Mania.
  21. yup, the same one, u know any other?
  22. exactly my point, The goddamn Last Name n!gga
  23. ab aya na unth pahad k niche, i said, in my eyes, which means, imo, its my opinion beyotch meh, u just did a reverse choronology on my reply why WWE is pushin' the cushin' on Cody, cuz of his last 'name' Cody Crybaby
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