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    Played this for str8 2 days, didn't even get to first boss fight? Or i don't know, but seems like a long game, liked it, but already have backlog of games, this is more like when u have enuff of rest of the games, come n chill in returnal! Will play again on e backlog is completed
  2. All aboard the hype train! Chooo choooo modafakaz Will probably get it as soon as its released, or maybe even preorder(!) Digital edition Thor's gonna get his @$$ whopped
  3. Completed, man, what a Masterpiece 😍
  4. tr00 tr00...well then normal IMAX3D it is
  5. watched Avatar in IMAX3D (wadala) was hoping to see this one in IMAX3D, but iDunno if that sh*t operational anymore
  6. yeh kya chiz hain? maine kabhi nahi dekha, suna zarur hain, purana movies hain
  7. Maharani S2 E3, f**k! what a Episode! Masterstroke bc!
  8. huli sheet yes, finally, Intro Theme and Pyro on RAW!
  9. got Damages: 95k PS5 looks....SUUUHHHWEEETTTTTTT!!!!!
  10. RJ gone, gaya...never respected him as a trader, but he an ace investor tho RIP RJ <3
  11. saw SD and Rampage, decent week. Karion Kross returns with Scarlett, his nXt persona returns, maybe? The Bloodline is really getting interesting Rampage was decent too.
  12. got S20 FE 5G for Le Wifey got 3 updates right away, installing the 1 GB update now
  13. finished SS'22, pathetic
  14. what disc? digital is the way to go for next gen GoW don't deserve no trial n**** yash, butt we need 2 change weed tymsz, butt nuddin' beats dat satisfaction of the whole experience of unboxing the hard copy this guy knows shouldn't happen his weapon will keel all the acids n bases n penetrate str8 into d u knw wut, lel ain't no1 furggetin' d noti side uff Kratos....also, dem bewbs in HD <3
  15. truly gorgeous, tho i wanted to play this at 4k, but have to do with 1080 well u can upgrade satchels for fun, just go for 3* animals, don't waste time on others, and get that trinket, which improves pelt quality, rest is upto your play style, if u r going all guns blazing, without cover n shits, wherein u gotta consume them provisions n shitz, updgrade it, else not required, but my suggestions would be, just do it, fcuz y not? cuz later, there's no necessity for hunting, so better do erriting while u can. but do get clothes for every weather, store them on ur horse.
  16. yes, initially it will increase your dead eye, but, u can also buy trinkets, most useful, meat u can donate in camp to Pearson also, if u really don't give a sh*t about satchels and outfits, just do camp chores (increases rep and some dead eye too) and do them side mission, they are fun and integrated well tip: game this on a proper audio set up, or good headphones, i wanted to grab PS5 headset specifically for this, but then, the controller has headphone jack, so grabbed MI dual driver in ear(rs.699), man, this is so epic immersive man!
  17. RDR2, khatam y did it had 2 end game of the century credits were rollin', so were d tears
  18. i can feel u bro, my mom passed away in March, being a lone child, puts sh*t lotsa responsibilities on ones shoulder, specially when the parents have treated the child like a dreamboy! we have to explore stuff on our own selves man! Dad's there to guide and wifey's a good support, otherwise i was really gone to shits when the event occurred. May the departed Souls find peace <3
  19. yup, space restraints, plus ain't couch/bean bag type of a guy, i like it upfront, str8 in my line of vision, large screen size would push my a$$ way back, for that, i got no room...
  20. Nope, not available at my pincode
  21. Unable to find lg c1 48 online
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