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  1. purchased 1 month PS+, again, too much time taken for a digital code, but genuine one, so far so good (didn't find 1 month on amazon, and didn't want to go for 3 months, as June is gonna give us a new PS+ services, so was looking for a month subscription only)
  2. i had seen that, it has seller 1 mnth warranty, 1 mnth is good enough me thinks! and official comes at 8k, difference is 1k only, better 2 go with warranty?
  3. Hello Guys, where can i find PS5 headset in a good rate online? or should i find locally? Anywhere in Mumbai/Thane/Navi Mumbai can be scouted for the precious. TIA.
  4. how much time does it take for them to email the digital code? if any1 has purchased, kindly answer, ty. had ordered psn wallet amount at around 3am, yet to receive.
  5. Nifty Khatam, gaya, tata, bye bye, good bye.....PE Galore
  6. tr00 tr00...1nce u knw hw d mrkt works, u can make money in bith the directions, CE and PE, i did both 2dei <3
  7. from 2 straight a*s days, boring first half and explosive second half, mast buying momentum aya
  8. booked biggest intraday profit in Nifty Options both in CE and PE, despite market not giving any chance to hold the trade
  9. why TF am i getting, hype vibes over here?
  10. saw KGF 1, i can relate it to God of War, Rocky being Kratos and rest as Gods whom he kills eventually
  11. Pushy

    God of War

    Boy!!!! lel, completed the Story, cannot wait for the next one explored almost all of the map, defeated 3 Valkyrie's before ending the story, once u know how to beat a Valkyrie, the entirety of the Game is a cakewalk
  12. Dynamite main event was lit, except the post match disaster! that was absolute pathetic man, but overall Dynamite was good....better than WWE offering for the week.
  13. Hello Boiz! any suggestions, on what should i do next? (apart from the messed up temporary setup) Play ha No Limits back to the Dark Side
  14. suck a*s Post Mania RAW and SD too, butt butt butt...man, m digging The Bloodline, dem Usos are like Hyenas lel, also, nope, i did not like Night 2 Main Event result, m still a Lesnar fan <3 Lesnar 4 Lyf
  15. q'tyagiri hain bc, lel....today was PE Galore, Nifty !6500 PE, lit af
  16. what an EC, what an EC man
  17. errmigerd, what a Dynamite
  18. guys, i've sent enquiry for 3060 Ti on RPTech, i've heard it takes time for them to fulfill it, anyone here having insider over there? can't wait to get back to gaming
  19. kya maalum!!!! men, no clean finish for both the title matches...should i puke? on mcmohan's face
  20. just finished with womens rumble, liking the ppv so far tho....butt butt butt, one of the imp ppv of the year, and mcmohan couldnt give the intro pyro? failz right there rollns vs ruman rames was pretty good, both performed well rollins is on another level now how did mickie enter, plus her name sign actually read Impact Women's Champion, wtf WWE?
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