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  1. All games. You have to visit Paytm Mall (app or website). Doesn’t work on Paytm.com
  2. 50 percent flat discount on Blaft books over at blaft.com. Use code 10ANDUGAL at checkout. They have some great books like Tamil Pulp Fiction so do check it out.
  3. https://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/reviews/detroit-become-human-review-ps4-pro-1857053 Not looking good at all. Think I'll wait till the price drops below Rs. 1,500.
  4. Yakuza Kiwami steelbook at 1,999 (delivery fee Rs. 60). Not Amazon Fulfilled so buy at your own risk. https://www.amazon.in/Yakuza-Kiwami-PlayStation-4-Steelbook/dp/B06Y5Y9T8V/ref=sr_1_5?sr=8-5&ie=UTF8&keywords=yakuza%2B6&qid=1526974820
  5. Yep. Sad. Wolfenstein Old Blood PS4 also at ₹494 https://www.croma.com/wolfenstein%3a-the-old-blood-ps4-game-/p/205159?cm_sp=homerecommendation-_-beattheheat-_-popular
  6. https://dl.flipkart.com/dl/yakuza-kiwami/p/itmev6z4cabz7pkg?pid=GAMEV6Z4GDYWN7ZF&cmpid=product.share.pp Yakuza Kiwami standard edition ₹1999
  7. Use code MALLTURNS1 on the Paytm Mall app for ₹400 cashback.
  8. majima

    Yakuza 0

    Acknowledged, it’ll be some time before I play the other games in the series. In Yakuza 0 though, Majima is on another level. I also prefer the Mad Dog of Shimano combat style over Dragon of Dojima.
  9. majima

    Yakuza 0

    Majima > Kiryu. Majima’s combat styles and character development is much better than that of Kiryu. Even the Cabaret Club minigame is better than Real Estate Royale.
  10. majima

    Yakuza 0

    I didn’t even bother with Shogi and Mahjong. Just too complicated. I still don’t understand how pool works. I played a game with one hostess and she sunk seven of nine balls, had greater accuracy, and one foul (I had zero). Still somehow I won. Maybe ball 6 and 9 have much higher weightage than the first few? Not sure really.
  11. majima

    Yakuza 0

    @Ethan_Hunt Just saw your Isobe attempt. I've never had her scoring 5600. The lowest she's scored has been 6500 in my runs, so just poor RNG luck I guess.
  12. majima

    Yakuza 0

    OH. MY. GOD. Mad Dog of Shimano is the BEST fighting style out there. The Cabaret storyline was well worth finishing. Unbelievable. I defeated Moon on my first attempt with none of the platinum hostesses maxed out. Had about 25k fans in Moon area and one Platinum at level 28 with rest above 30. Wasn’t too difficult — I had some 90 million in sales and the other guy was at 55 mil. And with that I’m calling it quits for now. Got a tonne of other games to play and can’t spend anymore time on this mind blowing genius of a game. Wish I could take a month off just to play this game. Insane, insane game overall. I’ve spent 98 hours in this with 72 percent completion.
  13. majima

    Yakuza 0

    @Ethan_Hunt thanks for the tips. I’m levelling up as we speak. I’ll go with 5 platinum ones, Etsuko, Harumi, and maybe Erranda. So far just one of them is at Max level so my work is cut out.
  14. majima

    Yakuza 0

    That one’s hilarious too. Going to spend a few hours levelling up my platinum hostesses today. I have one at 29 and the rest between 15 and 22. Going to take on Club Moon today. Does anyone have any tips? I know now that you need to level up platinum hostesses above 30 and you need more fans in the area. I want to know what Moon customers prefer — sexy, beauty, cute, or funny (looks)? And do you need more of talk, love, party, or skill? Finally, what was your lineup when you won the battle.
  15. majima

    Yakuza 0

    Still unable to beat Isobe. I’m just messing it up too much. Took a break to finish other Majima substories. Will go back to Isobe later.
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