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  1. Dune 2 was everything the reviews suggested for once.. a cinematic masterpiece..
  2. Has no one seen shogun here... Excellent first 2 episodes..
  3. Green book was a great watch Both the leads were great..
  4. If anyone still believes what Spencer says you probably are the same person who gets scammed by the we are looking to hire go review these restaurants scammers....
  5. There's no braver species thn xbots taking L's for 3 generations now..
  6. Well in that case putting him where he belongs.. in the trash..
  7. Finally trigger has his phone back with him.. Waiting for another post in a year sayng I am buying ps next gen by you..
  8. ⁸ And they have succeeded look at all barshadi mendaks coning out after a week haha..
  9. Awwh burnol le aa bhai.. I have xbox BTW andhbhakt nahi hu papa Phil ka.. lol
  10. I am not sure if you are just baiting here or genuinely believe that these games will sell big numbers of ps.. Save this post for later if you want They won't get the numbers they are expecting.. and the purpose for them to brought to ps is to make whatever money they can from here for obvious reasons.. and my friend to you and me it may look like it's just 4 games but it's the slow choke that's been initiated watch more games coming to ps..
  11. Because in your own words having games exclusives to one console is not sustainable but games free on a sub service is sustainable now all of a sudden and is most crucial for you.. Stop jumping into two boats just agree you enjoy the freebies and don't give a damn about what's sustainable and what's not..
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