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  1. Bhai Bachpan se aisa hai ya recently koi course kiya hai?
  2. Anyone know how we could watch watch the upcoming psg and alnasr match?
  3. Yeah it hasn't been.. And I remember bally Berry posted a picture once on twitter with a quote tell me something I don't know to which Cory Balrog replied I know who blew the horn... I am guessing the atreus dlc will tell us about it.. I am pretty sure the dlc will happen..
  4. I am referring to the first game not the one in ragnarok.. If you remember when atreus falls sick we hear someone else blow the horn..
  5. So who blew the horn? Also I guess we are gonna get an atreus dlc
  6. Yeah it's failing so bad that it's at 94 metacritic.. Imagine the desperation to downplay a game that you go watch YouTube videos and come here to do what you do..
  7. Go fish elsewhere boi
  8. Not like there ever was a doubt but the game is a effin masterpiece all around...
  9. Yeah have read about it.. Will watch it for Mia goth...
  10. Let's effing goooooo
  11. That Miller catch won them the game
  12. Isko koi kawwa laa do khaane ko
  13. Seems like henry cavill is letting geralt go as he will be busy playing supes.. He seems to be in love with playing superman..
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