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  1. TheMonark

    The Outer Worlds

    I have just finished Monarch. I am not enjoying the game anymore. Feels too slow and the overall story doesn't feel interesting to me at this point for me to continue. I am playing on Hard but the game play is getting repetitive with bullet sponge enemies.
  2. Preloading now. Fingers crossed
  3. TheMonark

    Borderlands 3

    ^ Makes sense. Thanks
  4. TheMonark

    Borderlands 3

    Which version makes more sense to buy?
  5. TheMonark

    Fallout 76

    Where did you place the pre-order? Is it on PC or PS4?
  6. I agree. People who are not playing the game, what do they expect to find here? I understand the point regarding story spoilers but gameplay discussion is not a spoiler. Every game has weapon and armor upgrades.
  7. TheMonark


    My suggestion would be to lock on only when you want to connect attacks. For the remainder, its better to play without it. Thats how i do it but may be a personal preference. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  8. TheMonark


    Agree to the second point but this also increases difficulty for some enemies (e.g. Church doctors in Cathedral Ward) after certain insight level
  9. TheMonark


    Patience is key to playing this game. Spamming R1 will always get you killed.
  10. TheMonark


    Hi Everyone. Anyone up for BB coop?
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