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  1. Congrats. I am looking to buy one to replace my old Macbook Air. Where did you get it from? Online? Any discounts or deal?
  2. Sure, will do. Haven't had the chance to use it properly. Got it from Amazon.
  3. TheMonark

    Elden Ring

    I agree. Looked like a typical Miyazaki game. However, I liked the music. We should get to know more during the actual game play reveal.
  4. The first one is a line interactive ups and the second one is backup ups. Line interactive ups has better switching time than backup. So they usually are expensive than backup ups. I think there is 1100va version for the first one as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Would there be any issue if I took my first dose in Noida? Because I have heard a lot from other folks, who took their first dose in Delhi, went to Meerut for second and were rejected. I can't find a center in Noida offering a second dose of Covaxin for 18+. Dose 1 slots open every week but not the Dose 2.
  6. Yes. Have already downloaded and installed. Hoping to play this weekend if all goes well. Busy with office on weekdays and with Cowin on weekends.
  7. Anybody from Noida who knows where to get second dose of Covaxin for 18+? I have been trying on Cowin for the last one week and can't seem to find a center. The only options where I see availability are Meerut and Agra.
  8. My wife needs a Yoga mat. She has tried many mats from Amazon but all of them smell very bad. I am not sure whether the smell is due to toxic material or something else. Can you anyone suggest a good mat? Thanks.
  9. All sellers are driving their price up due to lock down. Even the Viomi S9 which I bought is being sold for 52k. T8 was available for 40K including 5% Amazon Pay cashback on Apr 29th. I had placed the order but had to cancel due to a family emergency. Based on Keepa's tracking it was available in the same price bracket till May 10th. After that the sellers have been up marking it due to high demand. I expect the price to come down after the lock down. Ozmo T8 Price Chart:
  10. It is Viomi S9. I have shared my preliminary observations in the Home Automation thread. Hope others will find it useful.
  11. I got Viomi S9 last week. I was planning to get Ozmo T8; however, I decided against it at the last minute. The seller has increased the price from 43k to 51k in the previous two weeks, and many recent reviews mentioned issues with the fall sensor. Here are my preliminary observations of Viomi S9: I bought it for 42.5k, including 5% Amazon cashback. It uses LIDAR-based navigation, so it doesn't bump into furniture and objects. However, it can get stuck on wires and small items if they get caught under the wheels. I have a three-year-old, so I remove all toys and small things from the floor before using the robot. The suction power is good; however, it gets loud on the max setting. It is not good at cleaning corner and boundaries. There is a dedicated mode in the app for cleaning edges. It helps a bit but doesn't solve the whole problem. It comes fitted with an intelligent water tank that has three preset levels for water dispensing. Mopping is okayish. It cannot remove tough stains. It would be too much to expect this from a robot vacuum cleaner. My maid can't even clean those stains properly. It is also equipped with an automatic dirt disposal system where all the dirt from the robot gets sucked into the charging stand, which uses a disposable bag. It happens once the cleaning is complete; however, the process is a bit loud and lasts 10 seconds. As per the website, the disposable bag can last one month. So, it is an additional expense, with each bag costing around 150 bucks. The battery capacity is 5200 mAh. It takes about 5.5 hours to charge from 10% to 100%. I am unsure whether it is on the higher or lower side as this is my first robot vacuum. It takes ~90 minutes and drains ~50% of the charge for cleaning an area of ~1000 sq ft. I use a Y-shaped mopping pattern, which is slightly slower than the S-shaped pattern but more effective. Overall I am satisfied with the robot as I was aware of some of its limitations before the purchase. I expect it to reduce my daily chore workload, and I can do a deep clean every 7 or 10 days with a regular vacuum cleaner.
  12. Got this last week. Something to lower the mopping burden.
  13. Night curfew has been announced in several states, even UP.
  14. Now is the time to relieve the seven year old moment. PS4 "Pre-orders" are open at Shop at SC.
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