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  1. Are there any decent (rare and above) hunter bows in the mid game which can be upgraded to level 2 or 3? I have played till Kulrut mission. I have found one rare hunter bow but parts to upgrade are not available. If I create a job, it doesn't mark anything on the map. Is everything mission gated in the game? And what is the with the collision detection in the game? Sometimes, I get stuck even in the small plants.
  2. Were you able to get an appointment? I am trying to book an appointment at Delhi for Schengen visa but it is unavailable, with no information on the earliest available date. However, it is available at Kolkata and Mumbai centers.
  3. Just a fun update. Police verification was completed last week and got an SMS last Saturday that police has submitted a clear report. However, today got another SMS mentioning that "Police verification has been initiated and Passport has been granted on Post PV basis". I guess govt wants to make sure that my 5 year old is not involved with any criminal activity therefore they are doing both Pre and Post PV for the renewal.
  4. My order for WD 850 2TB got shipped today even though earlier estimate mentioned was Jun 19th.
  5. Still available. Select Appario from the seller list.
  6. WD SN850 2TB available for 20,849 on Amazon. At 19,349 for Citi card users. However, the delivery date is 2 weeks from now. Link
  7. My suggestion would be to have a sim with data plan. Given that you are planning for multiple countries, I am assuming that it will be 2-3 weeks trip. In that case, international roaming package works somewhat in the same range as a local tourist sim but offers more convenience. I have used Airtel several times on IR and it works great, except one time in Montenegro where it didn't work.
  8. I agree with @dante77 but I believe you and your wife both should visit the PSK. This time I visited only with my daughter and got the PV even though all three of us have the same address on passport, my wife and I have our names endorsed in each other's the passport, and my daughter even has aadhar. May be it was just bad luck or the officer was in a bad mood. In normal cases, PV is not required for minor.
  9. She has aadhar but doesn't have pan. I submitted Aadhar and Birth certificate copies during the renewal.
  10. The status on the website is "Pending for physical police verification"
  11. Does anyone have experience with passport renewal of a minor? I went for passport renewal of my 5 year old. There were no changes in address or any particulars but the application has been sent for PV. Is this normal procedure? Last time, the passport was granted without PV even though it was a fresh application.
  12. Sharing one year review of Viomi S9. Hope it may be useful to others. The vacuum has been working well for the last one year. However, last month while cleaning one of the rooms, the vacuum died suddenly. It won't start, charge or connect to my phone. So, I raised the complaint by calling Cambium Retail who is responsible for the RMA. Their engineer called me and asked me to share a video, explaining the issue. After I shared the video, they asked me to deposit the device at their center in Nehru Place. I obliged to their request and deposited the device. After 4 days, I got a call back that the device has been repaired and they have replaced the battery. I got the device back and started using again. Then, another issue cropped up. The device stopped dispensing water during the mopping function, even at the max settings. So, I called them again and shared a video. They informed me that they will be sending a replacement tank. Their assumption was that the pump in the tank had died. Initially they had committed to deliver the replacement tank within a week but they took 3 weeks to deliver the replacement. The device is back in action and working well like before. Overall, I would say that the RMA process has been hassle-free except for the delay in replacement pump. Now, the device is out of warranty. Fingers crossed for any future issues.
  13. I got the booster (precautionary) dose yesterday, 10 months after the second dose. The vaccination center was vacant and there were hardly 1-2 people in the whole center.
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