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  1. I also got these from Amazon. It will be delivered today. Paid 5,238 for 6k wallet top-up.
  2. Shaming is not due to number of deaths but due to large discrepancy between reported and actual numbers. PS: This my personal opinion so we may agree to disagree.
  3. No one is playing this on PC?
  4. I may be in minority here. I should not have watched the reboot.
  5. I have read a lot about Optima High Back Mesh Chair.
  6. Hello, I am looking for recommendation for a office chair with good lumbar support. My back has started for last couple of weeks so want to get it soon before it comes a problem. Anything in the range of 20K?
  7. As per my knowledge, WD offers international warranty. I have never used it though but have heard about it from a few people.
  8. Steam deck launch has been delayed till Feb 2022. Just got the email.
  9. Got it in Dubai for 32.7K, both console and game included.
  10. Finally gave in and bought my first Nintendo, Switch Oled. Let's see if I am gonna find enough non-childish games to keep it.
  11. Finally, found one piece in stock. Even one of the world's best supply chain is struggling.
  12. This is the SOP of the Flipkart Sale. Cheapest price is only available for the first couple of hours. Post that they keep increasing the price and decreasing the discount. I think even the discount has changed. It was offering 3k discount for purchase over 30k, which isn't available anymore in the list of offers.
  13. Any suggestions for 2TB nvme ssd with reasonable price to performance ratio?
  14. Amazon is very silent on the sale. There are no good discounts as such. Moreover, all iPhone 12 variants are OOS for some reason since last night.
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