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  1. I was very much into the Flight Sim till few years back. I even got the Logitech X52 Hotas and Flight Yoke system to take the experience to the next level. However, the older version (FSX) was a chore to install and manage. Being an old sim, there were a lot of bugs and crashes. Most of the important features, such as planes, scenery and tool kits were offered by 3P companies and they were quote expensive if you take into the USD conversion rates. I invested into this hobby for 2 years and learned to fly B777 and B747. Then I got married and forgot about it. I think, now is the time to clean the dust of my hotas and yoke. This new one looks amazing in terms of graphics. Moreover, some of the 3P party features such as Weather engine and AI Traffic are inbuilt. However, there will be a 3P marketplace where you could purchase additional aircraft, scenery and flight planner. I will be waiting for PMDG to deliver their B777 and B747 to the marketplace. It would be amazing as their aircrafts are very realistic in terms of performance and attention to detail.
  2. I think your are double pressing the dodge button in the heat of the moment. Double press gives you a roll (if you have take the skill) while single press gives you a dodge to get in 1-2 free hits. I was also having the same problem initially.
  3. Every game has bugs and glitches. Even TLOU2 was not free of bugs or glitches. You can easily find many on YT.
  4. The game is masterpiece in terms of visuals, sound and presentation. But I may not like it due to the whispers that I have heard. I don't know if I am ever gonna play it. Story and characters were the only thing I remember now after these many years and if they have f***ed it up then I don't have anything to look forward to me.
  5. Save some of it. You might need more of it
  6. I feel it is not fair to judge the game through the sexual orientation of characters. I have seen some of the leaks and discussions. However, a few critics have raised a interesting point regarding the irrational / inconsistent behavior (wrt previous game) of the characters to justify the vision of ND. I am not how true it is but I would be certainly disappointed if this is the case. I feel TLOU's game play was mediocre at best. I fell in love with the game due to its story, character and the overall journey. So, if it was a creative choice and vision of ND to change their behavior, I can respect it but I won't agree with it. Anyways, we will get to know more once the game comes out. I already have a lot of back log so not planning to play anytime soon.
  7. I am not sure why every debate on internet ends up turning into a right vs. wrong debate. Everyone has the right to voice their personal opinion and every opinion should be respected even if you don't agree with it. I have observed comments where people are making fun of others for criticizing or applauding the game. Like or dislike is always very subjective and it doesn't make you right or wrong.
  8. I my opinion, Amazon's BSR is not a great metric to decide the success of a game. Some quick points to note: BSR calculation more heavily weights recent sales, however, historical sales still hold weight in the calculation A product with a rank of #1 means it has recently sold more than any other product in that category. So, if the sale of whole category is low (in case of no new releases) then a few orders can make a game jump to number 1 Anyone interested to know more about it can read here: https://blog.viral-launch.com/amazon-tips/amazon-best-sellers-rank-bsr-guide/
  9. We will have Fallout 77, 78, 79 and 80 before we see Elder Scrolls 6.
  10. TheMonark

    Gears Tactics

    Personally, I feel some of the missions are too long rather than difficult. This is based on the experience of first 6 chapters. I am not a great XCOM player but I rarely felt overwhelmed in Gears.
  11. TheMonark

    Gears Tactics

    I have been playing Gears Tactics for the last few days. I have completed till Act 1 Chapter 6. Here are my quick thoughts based on my current progress: The core game play is good but it is mostly limited to battlefield. It does not require resource management like XCOM The graphics is good and cut scenes are helpful in story telling. As of now, I feel that the story is pretty generic, similar to FPS games Haven't had any crashes so far Weapons are limited to guns and grenades Each tile on the battlefield provides you the line of sight with enemies. This is helps you in strategizing. I like it a lot personally The skills tree is designed more like an RPG game than XCOM. So, need some focus before allocating points Refund Skill points are a good addition. Allows you to respec skills instantly AI's strategy is primarily focused on Overwatch. They seem to be doing it a lot in this game. Enemy overwatch cannot be disabled by firing and hitting them but requires a special skill (Disabling shot or something) usually available with all units. However, Overwatch fire can interrupt actions Have seen 4-5 variety of enemies till, however, none of them seem to have any interesting attacks or skills Quick saves are not allowed, however, there is a check point system. You can save and exit only at these checkpoints otherwise you will loose progress
  12. TheMonark


    I was watching something on YouTube a few days back. Saw a recommendation of BB video and got the bug after watching it. Restarted the game after 5 years and the game still feels great even after these many years. The Gothic environment and music still gives me the chills. However, I feel that I have improved as a player. BB was my first souls game. Father Gascoigne gave me night terrors for weeks when I was playing the game for the first time. It took me 3 days of continuous effort to defeat him. This time I defeated him on my third try but still got the same feeling. I guess great games never get old.
  13. TheMonark

    Nioh 2

    The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama. It was an easy boss. I didn't feel like I am fighting a mini moss
  14. TheMonark

    Nioh 2

    Just completed the fourth main mission. The boss was unexpectedly very easy compared to the rest of the mission.
  15. TheMonark

    Nioh 2

    Is this the first twilight mission?
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