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  1. This is the SOP of the Flipkart Sale. Cheapest price is only available for the first couple of hours. Post that they keep increasing the price and decreasing the discount. I think even the discount has changed. It was offering 3k discount for purchase over 30k, which isn't available anymore in the list of offers.
  2. Any suggestions for 2TB nvme ssd with reasonable price to performance ratio?
  3. Amazon is very silent on the sale. There are no good discounts as such. Moreover, all iPhone 12 variants are OOS for some reason since last night.
  4. The weren't expecting people to order grocery at midnight.
  5. I was able to order iPhone12 after clicking buy now for zillion number of times.
  6. I was waiting for iP13 post. Congrats. Is it Pro? How's the experience? Upgraded from which phone?
  7. TheMonark


    Wrote an email to GamersGate informing about the payment. They gave me 10% discount coupon and finally got the game for ~INR 1850.
  8. TheMonark


    Tried making a purchase but got an error for wrong CVV. However, the amount was debited. I am pretty sure I had entered the correct CVV because it is not masked on the payment page.
  9. TheMonark


    I also felt the same. Most of them it is unavoidable. Unless there is a trick that I don't know
  10. TheMonark


    He had the exact same review for Returnal. At least his preference is consistent.
  11. Got a new PS5 for my nephew during the Aug 26th order. It was delivered today by Amazon. Everything is fine except the yellow-colored warranty is missing. I have checked all crevices and pockets in the box but can't find it. Could there be an issue with warranty in future? What are my options? Edit: The box was perfectly sealed when I got it. There were two normal tapes and one holographic tape. I have the full unboxing on video.
  12. Where did you find them? They were available on Amazon a couple of months ago but now they have vanished.
  13. TheMonark


    Have been running around Biome 1 to test the malignant items. After 20 or so runs, I feel that the malignancy is very unbalanced. Picking malignant item is harmful most of the time and even the items that you get after cleansing are usually worthless. It never feels like a risk reward mechanics rather a punishing mechanics. Another thing I noticed was that the game is adaptive. if you do well then you will face tougher enemies and higher number of lockdowns. I played very well in 4-5 of my runs and in those runs every second room (main or side doesn't matter) was a lockdown with overwhelming number of enemies. While in runs where I didn't do well, lockdowns were fewer and even the number of enemies in the lockdowns were not overwhelming. Another interesting observation was that if you pickup astronaut from the fabricator you will certainly face a lockdown in next 2-3 rooms.
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