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  1. I appeared for my B2 interview yesterday. Questions asked were: 1) Purpose of visit to US? 2) Whom will I be meeting? 3) One specific question related to my travel history 4) My highest education qualification 5) Number of days I will be staying. Some people were asked about their salary, their work experience, and the reason why their company chose them for the trip. The questions might vary depending on your profile and the interviewer. No documents were checked or verified. But still keep your documents handy. Just another information to calm you down. I appeared for interview with my coworker. By chance, we both ended up being interviewed by the same person. The interviewer even realized that we both were from the same company and for the same purpose. But still our visas were approved.
  2. You need to open a Fi Infinite savings account with 50k min balance to get that debit card.
  3. As it is CC thread, I am assuming it is related to united not accepting India CC. If that is the case, try with US address (in all pages that come during booking) and Indian cards should work fine. I have done 2 bookings in last 3 months without any issue. Most recent was in the first week of Aug. If it something else then NVM.
  4. For some reason, the weapon impact feels a bit off and also the finishers.
  5. I have been in the miles game for long, since the days of Air India Signature card when it used to offer large milestone rewards. It has always been an interesting strategy to optimize your spends to get few freebies. However, it has always been difficult process and took a lot of time and energy, along with spending power. Magnus changed the game completely. It made the process too easy and didn't require big spending power. So, everyone rushed to join the party and enjoyed free business class tickets and suites. Now, when it is gone people are crying.
  6. Have been using since Nov and it works fine on Airtel.
  7. Now, it is time to buy dollars and euros from relatives.
  8. Max is still in preorder (limited units shipped) with no reviews. Bambu is going to be very expensive somewhere north of 200k. Also, Bambu is struggling with flat bed issues. A lot of complaints on their forum and sub. Unlike your Ender, both are closed systems. You will be dependent on the manufacturer for parts.
  9. Which printer do you use? If it is not a trade secret?
  10. This is a snipped from DF article. Am I missing something here? Most importantly, VRR on PS5 only works within a narrow window defined by the HDMI Forum's 2.1 standard, between 48Hz and 60Hz (on a 60Hz screen) or 48Hz and 120Hz (on a 120Hz screen). Normally a feature called Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) will kick in at frame-rates below the VRR window, essentially doubling or tripling frames to ensure that VRR remains active. For example, if your game is running at 40fps, then you could double that to 80fps to remain within the 48 to 120Hz range. On PS5 though, it's possible to drop out of the VRR window entirely, which can lead to judder and all the other symptoms that VRR seeks to alleviate.
  11. Has anyone used SnS Aramex? Is it reliable? Have ordered some spare parts for 3D printer.
  12. Amex MRCC also has 20k milestone bonus but they credit the points as soon as the transaction is settled.
  13. The transfer time on Axis varies with partners. For united, it gets transferred instantly while for Turkish it takes a couple of hours.
  14. I have used Airtel pack several times and every time it has worked smoothly, except one time where it didn't work in one of the countries (Montenegro).
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