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  1. This is a snipped from DF article. Am I missing something here? Most importantly, VRR on PS5 only works within a narrow window defined by the HDMI Forum's 2.1 standard, between 48Hz and 60Hz (on a 60Hz screen) or 48Hz and 120Hz (on a 120Hz screen). Normally a feature called Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) will kick in at frame-rates below the VRR window, essentially doubling or tripling frames to ensure that VRR remains active. For example, if your game is running at 40fps, then you could double that to 80fps to remain within the 48 to 120Hz range. On PS5 though, it's possible to drop out of the VRR window entirely, which can lead to judder and all the other symptoms that VRR seeks to alleviate.
  2. Has anyone used SnS Aramex? Is it reliable? Have ordered some spare parts for 3D printer.
  3. Amex MRCC also has 20k milestone bonus but they credit the points as soon as the transaction is settled.
  4. The transfer time on Axis varies with partners. For united, it gets transferred instantly while for Turkish it takes a couple of hours.
  5. Does the case fit the original carry bag?
  6. I have used Airtel pack several times and every time it has worked smoothly, except one time where it didn't work in one of the countries (Montenegro).
  7. Currently there is a black friday sale on Vietjet website. I am traveling next week. Will do only areas near HCM, Hanoi and Phu Quoc. No detailed planning as of now. Will decide on the go.
  8. Anybody having cut scene dialogue audio out of sync issues? In close-up shots, it is quite noticeable. I am on PS5.
  9. Yes, it reduces the effect and makes it bearable. I am not comfortable sharing Rx medicine on a public forum. Also, each medicine has their own interactions and exceptions. So, better to consult a physician.
  10. Drive slow, keep your windows open and take regular breaks. This will help. My wife takes medication for this, however, it is an Rx product. So my suggestion would be to consult a doctor before taking Rx drug without consultation.
  11. Does it get too hot when charging two devices?
  12. I am looking to buy 65W charger with at least 2 usb-c ports and 1 usb-a (optional). The objective is to use a single charger for the apple ecosystem. Any recommendations?
  13. Got my deck after a wait of 4 months. More than 15 months if I count from preorder date.
  14. Yes, Magnus. Thanks. Have ordered from Bangalore Refinery.
  15. Has anyone ever bough gold coin from Tatacliq or similar websites? How safe is it? I have a Tatacliq gift card worth 10K so was thinking of buying a 2 gm gold coin.
  16. I have been investing since Apr 2022. It is up by ~6%
  17. I am not seeing the 500 cashback. Is it account specific scratch card? Edit: NVM, it requires min 6000 psn cards.
  18. The delivery guy may not accept the item citing that it doesn't match the listing. I have faced the same issue with both Myntra and Flipkart.
  19. TheMonark

    Lies of P

    Probably a AI voice placeholder till they finalize the game.
  20. Congrats man. I am so jealous. My deck is sitting in the US since last month. Waiting for my friend to come back to India.
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