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  1. RACING - None SHOOTER - Black PUZZLE - Limbo RPG - Dark Souls 2 REAL TIME STRATEGY - Fieldrunners SANDBOX - Bully Sports - Smackdown here comes the pain Adventure - God of War 1 Action - Resident Evil 4
  2. Never used to happen before.(maybe thighs were thinner before) From mid of last year or so, my inner thighs rub against each other when I walk/run causing chafing and in just within an hour irritation. I have tried different shorts and powders, ointments but they always rub against each other.
  3. This is the best. General pts are bad. I don't like following what a pt tells as well, I had free 1 month pt at new gym but I didn't like him, followed him only for a week. I also see them suggesting various kinds of supplements to everyone.
  4. I had biryani only and south indian breakfast at shacks a couple of times. Visited - Paradise, bawarchi,shadab and pista house. Pista house was the best although mild. Shadab and bawarchi felt inferior in quality - not in taste. Paradise was also good but secunderabad (edit) branch (which I visited) is known to be better than others. Really wanted to try Paaya and curries etc but it was strange, some said only available at night and a couple said in morning.
  5. Anyone from bhopal or visited ? Heard bhopal is famous for kebabs. (Last month visited Hyderabad for Biryani, liked it way more than Kolkata's biryani)
  6. Got One plus nord. Also bought and used a normal keypad wala Phone for 18 days after old phone died, i used to think i could use that for a few months at least.
  7. Places to visit and eat at Hyderabad. 3 days. Museum, zoo and fort will go. In food looking for biryani, kebabs and nihari etc - not high end restuarants or commercialised centres like behrouz, even Paradise i once tried and didn't like.
  8. GunnerY2J

    Nioh 2

    Done till owl, this game is much more difficult than nioh 1.
  9. Watching 13 reasons why. Halfway. Disappointed and overrated. Everybody's just a dick and the Flashbacks are fine but The present scenario is so repetitive, same thing again and again, the episodes are needlessly stretched. Probably just finish season 1 nie and stop.
  10. Got and Completed some vita games, good system but with not so good games, at least not so good big studio games. Also, completed Shovel knight on ps4, really enjoyed it and a very satisfying straightforward game, still difficult but for the right reasons.
  11. Watched rocket boys. Liked it a lot when it started about two different individuals, great acting and music and even the love stories were sweet. Got boring towards the end when it was too much politics and also got a bit filmy.
  12. Watched eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, didn't like it. Good here and there and maybe the message and all but really boring.
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