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  1. After much confusion between Sony A95K and LG G2, got a 65 inch G2 over the weekend. Man do I love this TV. I was skeptical that this wouldn't be much of an upgrade over my existing C9, but it sure as hell is. The increased brightness is so much better for HDR. And the better processing, sleek looks (looks so good wall mounted) and picture quality improvements (cant detect any black crush now) are totally worth it. The picture is pristine. Playing A plague's tale requiem on it now and am just blown away every step of the way.
  2. Adipurush looks like utter garbage. Both in terms of CG and general thought put behind it. Ravan with crew-cut? Ram fighting random flying things? Lanka looking like lair of some vampire? Saif acting like generic crazy villain number 5007? GTFO. This clearly shows money matters little. One should have real passion about the subject, actual talent and ability to learn. Thats why Rajamouli is ace. He wants to make Mahabharat but still only honing his skills for that, even though all the money in the world will be available to him to make it. And who the hell thought it was good idea to shoot whole of Adipurush on a sound stage and waste money? Should've used real locations- would've looked far far better and money saved could be used to insert CG sparingly and effectively. Bollywood really should stay away from cultural subjects. Their heart is just not into these.
  3. I really am interested in the movie but by God please stop showing the whole movie in the trailers. Most trailers these days just summarize the movie and show beginning to end in the trailer. I feel like I've no need of watching the movie anymore as I know everything that is going to happen.
  4. No thats not true. It gets perfectly black during actual video/when its on. Its only when there is a direct reflection of ambient light that it looks a little less black. Also, people got a little confused because it looks grey when off, rather than complete black like OLEDs. It doesnt matter to me and I think to most also it shouldnt matter. Off hone ke baad kaisa dikhta hai I dont give 2 shits about.
  5. Heads-up for a mind blowing offer on Samsung TVs. If you are a corporate employee (I suppose most of us are), Samsung is giving amazing discounts. Just to check I looked at price of QN95B and QN90B. Look at the price below (I work at Citibank and all it did was to send an OTP on my official mail ID to confirm, so at least Citi is eligible for this)- QN95B regular price- 195000, QN95B corporate employee price- 160000, 35k difference QN90B regular price- 170000, QN90B corporate employee price- 140000, 30k difference And regular offers can be applied on top of these, so you can get QN95B in 1.5L after other offers. And a phone worth 24k free. These are great deals. Also, this corporate employee thing applies to all Samsung electronics. I wish I had known about it a few weeks back when I got a new Samsung phone.
  6. Started watching The Boys last week and I am hooked. I am only somewhere middle of second season , but it has been great. I absolutely love Homelander actor. Amazing psychopathic acting, and then once in a blue moon you find yourself maybe agreeing to something he says and it feels weird. And he is perfect in funny scenes too. The best 'suppressing menacing rage' face ever. Karl Urban, of course, is perfect as always. Diabolical!
  7. Looks like you guys have got a little Marisa Tomei thing going on.
  8. Damn these are good prices. Any such shops suggestions for Pune also?
  9. I've been doing a lot of research for my next TV and have extensively looked at QN90A/B and QN95B too (along with OLEDs such as Sony A95K, Samsung S95B and LG G2). These are definitely very very good TVs at a very competitive price. Even better if you are planning to use these in a bright room (lots of ambient light, from windows etc.). OLEDs are not well suited for that. If I couldnt buy an OLED, then these are the TVs I would buy. In fact, they will beat an OLED in a bright room. And as long as a good OLED is not side-by-side in a dark room, these TVs will provide astounding picture quality and will be very pleasing to your eyes. Go for them I would say.
  10. TBH, I am very confused and havent decided yet. It will depend on price difference and options available. This year everything is a little f'ed up. LG G2 is definitely a contender and cheaper and also available in my preferred 55" size, but doesnt have a stand and I want to keep the TV on a table. So I will have to buy a stand and the official one is very expensive and not in India. The Sony A95K is not even available in 55" size. And 65" I can manage but is too expensive. I will decide during Diwali. If Sony doesnt come up with 55" by then, I might just go with G2 55" and see what I can do about that stand. But if the prices are reasonably close then I will go for A95K 65" as it is indeed better (and might feel more of an upgrade from my current C9) and has a stand and all. Lets see what happens.
  11. Yeah saw that price at ShopatSC. Its $4000 MRP in US, so I suppose thats pretty close to direct conversion. It should go down a little more or have better offers in Diwali. If only they had a 55" version for around 2.2-2.4L at Diwali, I would've bought it.
  12. Ridiculous price Sony has got going on for the A95K here in India. Also no 55" version seems available. Weird.
  13. Devil is in the details. It says color brightness and not 'general/white' brightness that is usually measured in reviews. So while in normal/white terms the TV does a little more than 1000nits of brightness (as compared to ~700 of LG C9 and ~900 of LG G2), the color brightness (brightness of red, green, blue etc.) is indeed more than 200% of older WRGB OLEDs. So often reviewers point out that the TV seems much more brighter than LG OLEDs in real life even though white brightness measurement would tell you its not that much brighter. Also, the only other QD-OLED in the market- the Samsung S95B, had almost 1500 white brightness too when it launched. That put it in LED territory in terms of brightness while keeping the infinite contrast/deep blacks of OLEDs. That was a marvel to behold and a generational leap. But Samsung decided to lower that in the latest firmware and now the TV barely does 1000 nits, probably to reduce burn-in chances as the TV doesnt have a heat sink. So people who bought the TV on 1500 brightness suddenly saw their TVs being massively downgraded. What a shitshow. Sony A95K on the other hand does have a heatsink but still kept brightness at ~1000nits when it could definitely go higher. Weird again. No perfect TV I suppose (Samsung S95B was for a couple of months).
  14. Sony's A95K official India page is up, if anyone is interested (though it does seem its only me for the moment :p ). https://www.sony.co.in/electronics/televisions/a95k-series Weird it only mentions 65" and no 55". I want 55" only. No price yet either.
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