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  1. Looks like you guys have got a little Marisa Tomei thing going on.
  2. Damn these are good prices. Any such shops suggestions for Pune also?
  3. I've been doing a lot of research for my next TV and have extensively looked at QN90A/B and QN95B too (along with OLEDs such as Sony A95K, Samsung S95B and LG G2). These are definitely very very good TVs at a very competitive price. Even better if you are planning to use these in a bright room (lots of ambient light, from windows etc.). OLEDs are not well suited for that. If I couldnt buy an OLED, then these are the TVs I would buy. In fact, they will beat an OLED in a bright room. And as long as a good OLED is not side-by-side in a dark room, these TVs will provide astounding picture quality and will be very pleasing to your eyes. Go for them I would say.
  4. TBH, I am very confused and havent decided yet. It will depend on price difference and options available. This year everything is a little f'ed up. LG G2 is definitely a contender and cheaper and also available in my preferred 55" size, but doesnt have a stand and I want to keep the TV on a table. So I will have to buy a stand and the official one is very expensive and not in India. The Sony A95K is not even available in 55" size. And 65" I can manage but is too expensive. I will decide during Diwali. If Sony doesnt come up with 55" by then, I might just go with G2 55" and see what I can do about that stand. But if the prices are reasonably close then I will go for A95K 65" as it is indeed better (and might feel more of an upgrade from my current C9) and has a stand and all. Lets see what happens.
  5. Yeah saw that price at ShopatSC. Its $4000 MRP in US, so I suppose thats pretty close to direct conversion. It should go down a little more or have better offers in Diwali. If only they had a 55" version for around 2.2-2.4L at Diwali, I would've bought it.
  6. Ridiculous price Sony has got going on for the A95K here in India. Also no 55" version seems available. Weird.
  7. Devil is in the details. It says color brightness and not 'general/white' brightness that is usually measured in reviews. So while in normal/white terms the TV does a little more than 1000nits of brightness (as compared to ~700 of LG C9 and ~900 of LG G2), the color brightness (brightness of red, green, blue etc.) is indeed more than 200% of older WRGB OLEDs. So often reviewers point out that the TV seems much more brighter than LG OLEDs in real life even though white brightness measurement would tell you its not that much brighter. Also, the only other QD-OLED in the market- the Samsung S95B, had almost 1500 white brightness too when it launched. That put it in LED territory in terms of brightness while keeping the infinite contrast/deep blacks of OLEDs. That was a marvel to behold and a generational leap. But Samsung decided to lower that in the latest firmware and now the TV barely does 1000 nits, probably to reduce burn-in chances as the TV doesnt have a heat sink. So people who bought the TV on 1500 brightness suddenly saw their TVs being massively downgraded. What a shitshow. Sony A95K on the other hand does have a heatsink but still kept brightness at ~1000nits when it could definitely go higher. Weird again. No perfect TV I suppose (Samsung S95B was for a couple of months).
  8. Sony's A95K official India page is up, if anyone is interested (though it does seem its only me for the moment :p ). https://www.sony.co.in/electronics/televisions/a95k-series Weird it only mentions 65" and no 55". I want 55" only. No price yet either.
  9. Sony has teased A95K QD-OLED on their India pages! Finally! I thought Samsung would be the first one to get their QD-OLED S95B here but they seem to be sleeping. Hopefully A95K comes before diwali and there are some good deals then at Diwali. Usually how much of a price drop can I expect at Diwali for a rupees ~3L TV?
  10. Samsung S95B is the QD-OLED and not the Q95B (which is the same old QLED), right? I would've gone for S95B personally. Contrast and color goodness of OLED with brightness of LCD (almost).
  11. kittoo

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I understand the desire behind this mod and there is no harm in having options I suppose but....as someone who got Oculus quest 2 a couple of days back and has been playing this in VR, its a VR game through and through and is better for it. Playing it in VR is a feeling that we got when we moved from 2D to 3D games, its next gen next level. It wouldnt be 10% as impactful in non-VR. I am there physically in the game world when I am playing it! Its so natural. it took me quite some time to stop my brain forcing me to physically walk in the game. It seems so real that its natural to feel like walking. Its good that quest 2's virtual boundaries pop-up and save me from hitting things. Man, this will probably end up as the best gaming experience of my life. It cant be described, only experienced.
  12. Yeah I ended up buying it too. It was fine from the beginning but I realized a few tricks to make it sharper (supersampling in SteamVR, using link cable, wearing lenses rather than glasses, figuring out best fit). Am playing Half Life Alyx right now and holy mother of....this is a new kind of gaming altogether. I am there! Its so natural. it took me quite some time to stop my brain from physically walking in the game. It seems so real that its natural to feel like walking. Its good that quest 2's virtual boundaries pop-up and save me from hitting things. Man, this will probably end up as the best gaming experience of my life.
  13. Did you buy it? I am planning to buy it but read that it can be blurry. Thats a bummer and would want to confirm before buying.
  14. You guys discussing buying C2s now and my wait for S95B or A95K launch continues. Very jealous
  15. Yeah I dont know what that added to the game. I am sure it was lot of effort but what's the payoff? And I am sure it limited their options in the way they showed the cutscenes. There is so much more you can do if you are not beholden to that one specific way of shooting. I don't care much about cutscenes in video games. Just make them serve the purpose and keep them focused and good (like The last of us 1) or go the Half Life 2 way. Don't be a Kojima. I am sorry to his fans but he writes some grade A nonsense garbage. MGS4 to this day is the only game where I just shut the game off without finishing the last cutscene cause it was so goddamn long and frankly I never knew what was going on other than the fact that it was hilarious for first half an hour.
  16. So...KGF like visuals and typical story. Dont think it will succeed. Also, what's up with Vaani kappor's wardrobe? Looks like a 2022 girl transported to 1871 (looking hot though).
  17. Yeah same with Topgun Maverick. The trailer didnt have the Taiwan flag on the jacket (the original had it) but when the movie released it actually did. That guarantees the movie will not release in China. Could've earned another 100-200 million from there (though given the content, maybe not).
  18. I bought a Vu 55" 4k HDR Android TV in 2019 and has given me nothing but trouble. It wasn't a high end TV or anything (cost ~40k) but after around a year it started restarting randomly, often within 5mns of last restart. Got it repaired for 4k but same issue popped up within 2 months again. Then it stopped registering the remote. No updates ever came and too laggy within 2 years. Its an immensely frustrating experience. Will soon replace it with a good brand TV such as LG, Sony or Samsung. That TV just sucks. Will never buy VU again. Posting it just as an FYI.
  19. Watched it in 4DX. What an absolute blast I had. Right from the first scene, as the jets revved and as the seat started vibrating, I knew I was in for a ride. The sync was perfect, each jerk and movement on screen translated perfectly to my seat. And not overdone either. No distraction in emotional scenes, perfect harmony in action scenes. Totally totally worth it in 4DX. The wind, the jerks, the movements, the water...wonderful. And the movie is absolutely amazing in its own right too.
  20. Went to the first page just to see the messages. Aah the late 2000s. I moved back home from college in 2008. In College had speeds of a few mbps (LAN was like 40-50mbps most of the times, internet around 3-4mbps), then moved home and got BSNL unlimited (like a few people on the first page), with 256kbps (32kBps) download. Sucked but those were the days, downloading a simple movie took hours or days. I remember a few days where BSNL was testing new hardware/plans in my city and I got 4mbps for a few days. I was over the moon! Couldnt believe it. Then it ended suddenly If someone would've told me then that I would get 200mbps unlimited at the same price and option of 1gbps, my head would've exploded. Feeling nostalgic.
  21. I downloaded the 31GB HDR version, barely took an hour. Not sure if I can post link here though. It was on rar..
  22. Well....looks like general consensus is that 4DX might be good for some movies but can be distracting. I suppose will go for IMAX only. But its very far and 4DX is near from my home
  23. Guys is 4DX worth it? Was planning to watch Topgun: Maerick in it. Or is IMAX better? In Pune.
  24. Not a politics thread so will only make quick points. OK if the movie leaves out some things, how does that make what is depicted not true? Unless we are saying testimonies from the KPs themselves are false, then there is nothing that can be discussed further. Did nothing allegation is also false. Article 370 removal itself is something which many thought downright impossible. Migrant colonies are another example. Of course, they could've and should've done far far more, but still remain better in this regard than any other party. Politics is always game of best out of bad choices. Again, even if the director is of a particular political persuasion (like a majority of bollywood leans to the other side), does that make the events in the film untrue? Neither does not making the movie free. They could've, sure, maybe even should've, but still that doesn't make anything untrue. No issues with any movie on Gujrat riots, and some have already been made, but just please do start with the Godhra train burnings- the thing that sparked it all. Woh conveniently ya toh gloss over ho jaata hai, quick snippet main dikha diya jata hai without even showing who did it and how it was done etc. ya phir bullshit peddle kiya jata hai ki 'spontaneous' fire lag gaya tha. My general point is, why demean the pain of KPs or do 'whataboutery'? Left-leaning and showing muslim side movies are dime a dozen. Ek movie bani hai toh itna pain hai sabko (not a comment on you individually, but on general discourse).
  25. I think both LG CX (if available) or LG C1 48 inches fit the bill. C2 is not available in India yet. Should cost around ~85-90k. There are B1 and A1 also but they lack some features and have lower brightness so HDR wont be as enjoyable.
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