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  1. I finished this game in hardcore mode with both Leon and Claire yesterday. During the first play-through, Mr. X was a very intimidating figure. But with each play-through, he became less and less imposing and later, just a gimmick since by then, I knew those events which trigger our first face-off with him in both scenarios. So, I just grab, all the essential items and clear the areas which would become my gateway route just in case I have to. Back-tracking in RPD is just that much easy once you know the lay-out. Visually this game is very pleasing with the mods. Initially the yellow tint was very hard to ignore but thanks to mods, it became quite stunning.
  2. Nonetheless... great effort from Japan and equally supreme performance from Belgium....
  3. And here is the game winning goal... What a comeback from Belgium...
  4. Belgium is going for the kill in the last few minutes....
  5. That should have been a goal... Belgium is clearly not in this game..
  6. WTF... another one... This one from Takashi...
  7. I wasn't expecting this much fight from Japan. Good half so far...
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