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  1. So sorry for your loss dude .. may God bless her soul
  2. So Stuart Broad now holds record for must runs conceded in an over in a T20 match as well as test match . And that too at such different times in his career - T20 in 2007 when he was starting and in Test match now in 2022 towards Twilight of his career. Pretty good career in between though..
  3. I don't see any official announcement from MS . If it's official indeed can you share a link verifying the same .
  4. None of these price hikes - XSS/X are official yet . XSS price was supposed to rise from 1st July . But it's available for as low as 30k on Flipkart . And it still shows MRP as 35k only. XSX is also in stock with same MRP on Flipkart but says out of stock for most locations.
  5. That's just pathetic. You never talk/behave with your customer's like this.
  6. I don't see it in Extra catalogue but when i searched for the game manually it says it's part of your PlayStation Plus subscription. Was able to add it to my Library and its available to download for console . (I Used PS+ app)
  7. Also everyone can read what i said to Whitewolf . I don't support verbal abuse of any kind from anyone.
  8. Cause I had clicked on this link by Whitewolf . Satisfied or you have any other doubts ?
  9. Whitewolf is the one who made the personal attack. And Snake banned him . No one else used abusive language. What's there to even discuss about .
  10. Yeah it doesn't appear in the Extra game catalogue for me either . But i was able to add it to my Library as well .
  11. But with the last one gone - (for upto a year ) maybe we need another .
  12. Okay so you don't like BGS games . We know that . You have made it very clear . Starfield looks sh*t / Redfall gameplay looks meh - okay point taken. But then follow your own advice and MOVE ON. You are not interested in the game then why discuss it again n again via tweets / replying to video. Pretty sure no one took it personally when you said these things first time and just replied why they liked it. And if you had Moved ON and stopped crapping on games you have no intention to play - no one would reply to you the way you are being replied to now But you can't do that can you . You have to act like a Pony and you seem to be enjoying it . Go on have your fun but then don't act innocent like a normal gamer. You are a Pony and have always acted like one.
  13. Yeah I think it's better you take a break yourself before the mods give you one . Whatever was said in last 2 pages only makes you look bad and not RV . Also RV might be going through his Pony high - but Don't compare him to Ank / the non gamer ( you/me/Rushabh have on ignore ) they are on another (disgusting) level
  14. No more consoles. Just play on your TV . Looking forward for actual reviews how good/bad is it.
  15. It wasn't just about the reply. It's other things combined. The confidence you have and veiled/smart insults like the one you directed at TRMNTR in this post 👇 All this reminds of someone else . Anyway obviously you are not that person so ignore it. But yeah cut it out with the assumptions . Only makes you look bad .
  16. New Variant A new member on the forum doing analysis like a Pro.. ( based on opinions without facts ) and taking on people (with confidence) like he's been here on this forum from a long time . Passing out comments on others like he knows everything and others don't . Passing smart insults/jibe at others so as to not look like abusive . Also when someone explains things very clearly with facts - Runs away saying - i will reply to you when i get time to read your long posts. Check reply to Saiko's detailed post (where he explains why game development is time consuming now) . And never actually reply back to the original post . All of the above reminds me of someone .
  17. 24% of all units in India imported just this last month - has the stock situation improved significantly or is Sony allocating more units to Indian markets ? Are they expecting more business from here coinciding with launch of new PS plus subscription service here. But wouldn't they get more business from American/European or even Japanese markets since these are much bigger markets for them .
  18. Yeah i can understand the wish to play it on PC with max settings and high fps . It's such a game changer and the experience is so much better. Also yeah it's obvious that it won't come on PC day1 . But i think few years down the line sony will start releasing games day1 on PC as well.
  19. You think people will share all the stuff what happens in their personal lives. No one does .
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