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  1. Yes I did buy, it is not blurry. It gets blurry only when it is not fit properly and small adjustments it solves it
  2. Legit. Bought Oculus shipped same day and was quite helpful in answering queries.
  3. I was curious because my wife applied for add-on card on my IDFC Wealth she had to go through complete vkyc process.
  4. Does add-on cards also get listed in Cibil? If so what is advantage of an add on card? My wife has AU Zenith so should I apply for add on or go for a new Zenith application itself?
  5. Yes. I used it to buy Apple gift cards and then redeem in apple site.
  6. Folks, I have some balance in my Amazon US account I initially wanted to buy some items but friends ditched me at last moment. How can I convert or transfer these amount to INR or to Amazon IN? I would love to pay for anyone who's ordering from US site and I get INR here
  7. Is Oculus Quest 2 the best VR in market today? I am looking to buy one just out of itch. Or is there any news for next version of Quest?
  8. Any deals on Swiggy One? Recently started using InstaMart and its amazing, been a long time zomato pro plus user so didn't bother. Might get Swiggy from next subscription
  9. I applied via the app and got it approved within a day. Any idea how to get zomato black card? This card has good features
  10. Zomato RBL credit card looks promising, 5% cashback on zomato and restaurant transactions
  11. Is there any difference between using mobile hotspot and USB Dongle Stick? Need to work from remote place which has only Jio, I already have sim card so thinking to buy this dongle or not. https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09BJT77NJ/
  12. Thank you guys I received ICICI Rubyx and wife upgraded to HDFC Regelia which is surprisingly LTF. Now figuring out how to make most of these cards. Plus any idea which airport lounges are access for us in Mumbai and Delhi airport?
  13. Does it make sense to buy S22 from the US? For 799$ 256GB In India 68k for 128GB (maybe additional 3-4k for exchanging S9) Does Samsung provide international warranty?
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