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  1. YaayyY! Glad you liked it. I am yet to start buiulding mine
  2. This is amazing! Will share my builds on Lego forum. Cheers!
  3. Got this amazing lego set from my Santa, I cant wait to start building it. Please reveal yourself Santa!
  4. Unfortunately Orient is underrated brand, my neighbor asked me is the fan and watch company same
  5. Got myself a Diwali gift from Japan
  6. I did consider this option too but it increases the overall weight, it is already quite heavy and I am worried to hang it
  7. Very new to black coffee. Always been a filter coffee drinker so recently pivoted to moka pot did not enjoy much now got aeropress and this is definitely much better. Currently I got Sampigehoney Estate, Orchardale Estate and Seethargundu Estate from BT, sticking with grind coffee for now
  8. My recommendation is Racold Aures, have been using for 2 years and now replaced all geysers with this one. This does not have any water storage capacity, water passes through the coils and gives hot water directly. Requirement for this is good water pressure. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07W1TQLJY/
  9. Wise choice! It has already collected enough dust and cant even dust it off easily. So had to place it way up on the wall to avoid dust detection
  10. It is adjustable and this is piece placed quite high on the wall so cannot be reached so easily thankfully
  11. Whats with the sudden surge in demand for BOB cards? Any good offers going on?
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