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  1. Yes that is indeed troublesome. I took the risk of booking all non-refundable tickets and stays because they were cheaper. Or you could book refundable stays on MMT or any Indian booking site using credit card - no forex chargers while paying/refund, easier to fight and can chargeback credit card. I took my visa appointment 2 months before travel date only for the reason if they reject it I will still have time to reapply or file for reconsideration.
  2. Its good to have Infinia in the back pocket, Axis game is not going to last very long they are currently in market acquisition mode - rent is already out, next is 25k bonus. I have LTF Regalia need this to be upgraded to Infinia before axis changes the rules.
  3. How much would it approx cost to repair R1/R2 buttons on PS4 controller? A shop in Thane is asking for 750 I did try repairing on my own but I fcked up
  4. Where did you get the harry potter lego from and how much?
  5. Honestly? I dont know So far I was able to clone my society ID card and also one of those fun zone (bowling) cards Haven't tried metro card but shouldn't be a problem. Got it from US costed $180
  6. That's a good point at least adhering to warranty guidelines jus to avoid issues in future, they just need a reason to deny claims
  7. What should be the frequency of car servicing? I bought my car in Jan 2020 so far it has ran only 20k KMS and I have exhausted my free servicing. Did my last service a year ago and since then it been 6-8k kms only.
  8. make hay while the sun shines. Its just matter of when
  9. Where can I buy COD MW2 collectibles or special edition disks?
  10. Oh no!! Do they have any other versions? Link please
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