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  1. How much would it approx cost to repair R1/R2 buttons on PS4 controller? A shop in Thane is asking for 750 I did try repairing on my own but I fcked up
  2. Where did you get the harry potter lego from and how much?
  3. Honestly? I dont know So far I was able to clone my society ID card and also one of those fun zone (bowling) cards Haven't tried metro card but shouldn't be a problem. Got it from US costed $180
  4. That's a good point at least adhering to warranty guidelines jus to avoid issues in future, they just need a reason to deny claims
  5. What should be the frequency of car servicing? I bought my car in Jan 2020 so far it has ran only 20k KMS and I have exhausted my free servicing. Did my last service a year ago and since then it been 6-8k kms only.
  6. make hay while the sun shines. Its just matter of when
  7. Where can I buy COD MW2 collectibles or special edition disks?
  8. Oh no!! Do they have any other versions? Link please
  9. Planning to buy Spotify Premium Family. At ₹2149 so ₹359/slot annually. Let me know if anyone is interested. @IchigoKurasaki
  10. This is just amazing! Where did you order this from and how much does it costs? I want to order something similar for Harry Potter Hogwarts
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